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10 Things I Actually Like About January

Poor January is often regarded as the worst month of the year. And I can see why - the start of 'proper' winter without the idea of a White Christmas to soften the blow, the fact that everyones purse strings are being held just that little bit tighter to deal with the big Christmas spend, the dark nights without everyones Christmas lights to distract us with their twinkly brightness. Le sigh. No wonder January has a bad rep!

I, for one, (especially this year) am trying to change my ways and embrace the black sheep of the months of the year! So to do that, instead of focusing on what sucks about January I thought I'd share what I actually like about January - I'm putting a positive spin on things if you like!


January is the fresh start of the year. It's the reset button that gives you a kick up the derriere to get yourself into gear. I love the optimism that January brings - at the start of a new year you feel like you can get stuck in to changing everything you weren't happy with in the previous year. Whether that be getting yourself organised (all of the planners and planner supplies please!), finally committing to creating that capsule wardrobe (I really need to get around to doing this) or leaving behind a less than fabulous year and entering the next with a new sense of peace and resolution.


Everyone knows that post-Christmas TV is rubbish until all of your favourite TV shows kick in again in January - I'm looking at you PLL (and Benidorm and Midsomer Murders and Call The Midwife...)! Plus brand new shows always premiere at the start of the year - I've decided to give Shadowhunters and Jericho a go this year! You've got to have something to look forward do during the dark nights after all!


Do the days actually ever warm up in January? I feel like we're kept in a constant state of freezing weather! But - with cold weather brings the necessity of getting all snuggled up to escape it! I'm talking about bundling up in the comfiest of pjs, the cosiest of blankets and the fuzziest of socks. All. The. Time.


As much as I love the house being all decked out in Christmas decorations (and I really do!) there's something so cleansing about returning the house to its normal state. I love the peace that packing away Christmas brings - everything in the house just looks so fresh and minimalistic afterwards - ready to take on the new year!


After the December Solstice its all downhill - the back of the long nights has been broken and each day the sunlight hours last for a smidgen longer than the last. In January (even though we've still got a good couple of months of winter left) there's that hope that Spring is on it's way with the longer days. I find it so uplifting and full of hope.


There's something about waking up to a winter wonderland when you peek through your window that is so beautiful. Crisp winter air (and the smell of the outside that lingers on your clothes), crunching on frosty ground and a glistening of snow over barren winter countryside. There's something magical about frost and snow that still lingers even as an adult. 

side note: I must say that at 6am this morning when I was de-snowing my car ready to drive home from work after my night shift I was thinking that winter weather was so pretty!


After all of the hustle and bustle of the last couple of months of the year trying to get all of your Christmas shopping done, running between seeing friends and family and wrapping things up for the year I think January serves as a lovely little break. Time to just take a moment to breathe and relax after all of the rushing around and just have some down-time, some 'me time'.


January is the month of hot tea. It's official (I'm not making this up!). Any excuse to curl up with a mug of steaming English Breakfast Tea I am completely down for! Plus you can break in all of those mugs you received for Christmas!


Whether it be Dry January, getting back into going to the gym or changing your eating habits January is the month for self-improvement. With everyone else trying to change their ways too, it's the perfect time to give and receive that encouragement and support to change whatever you've been wanting to change for a while. Plus when January is over your new habit will become so much easier to carry on with -  you will have passed that 28 day mark when something new becomes part of your routine!


Despite all of the reasons above, I still think that January is one of the hardest months of the year to get through. I don't know what it is about it but January is just the monday-ist of months - it takes a real conscious effort to try to stay positive through out it (well it does for me anyway!). I think because of that, the thing that I love the most about January is that with each passing day it gets closer to February. And February is always over in a blink of an eye (it's only 2 days shorter than most other months but doesn't it always feel like it's over way faster?!) and then it's March. And with the coming of March, it means that Spring will be right around the corner!