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Favourites // January 2016

Favourites // January 2016

It's the end of the month which means it must be time for me to have a little round of this past month.

I feel like January has gone on forever, but equally the actual weeks have gone by so quickly! I'm putting this down to the fact that for most of the month I wasn't entirely sure what day it when I woke up - thanks night shifts! 

January was so good to me - I officially joined the proper shift rota at work - meaning I've gone from just working 9-5 every week day to doing a combination of all sorts of shifts to cover the 24 hour service that the haematology lab provides! The mix of all of the different shifts hasn't been as difficult as I imagined - yes staying up all night for a 12 hour night shift isn't a walk in the park and getting up at 4am for an early shift isn't particularly enjoyable but shifts do mean that I get some time off in the week which I have been loving! 

We've definitely been making the most of this time off in the week - we went out for lunch at our favourite pub (that's always too busy to go to at the weekend!), we took a shopping trip to Birmingham, had brunch at Bill's Restaurant, tried Five Guys for the first time (so good but Shake Shack is still my number one burger place!) and I actually went out to a pub on a Saturday night (yes I'm a recluse normally!)! Check out this post for an insta-round up of what I got up to in January!

Anyway, that's what I got up to in January so now on to what I've been loving...

APPLE WATCH & IPHONE STAND // I was lucky enough to receive an apple watch for Christmas (mine is the 42mm apple watch sport in rose gold with the antique white band fyi) so I wanted something that I could keep both my watch and my iphone together on my bedside table. I had a nosey on the apple store but I wasn't overly impressed with any of their offerings so I turned to ebay and found this fab modern/simple stand that holds both my iphone and watch and can charge them both (a game changer!). Plus for under £15 it's such a steal!

ERIN CONDREN LIFE PLANNER // I've been banging on about my planning and my ECLP on here (and every other form of social media - sorry!) all month so of course it had to make it into my favourites! I'm so happy that I splurged and purchased an ECLP for my planner for 2016 - I love how my weekly spreads turn out in it plus, I find the vertical style of planning to be right up my street - I love how I can section off the things I need to do - I've been feeling much more organised - and it looks super cute :P

NETFLIX: PLL & SHADOWHUNTERS // Netflix is obviously a favourite for every month (that goes without saying!) but this month there has been two shows that I've been looking forward to watching each week - PLL and Shadowhunters. PLL is an obvious obsession (although I'm not sold on this whole #fiveyearsforward thing as of yet - it seems a tab repetitive to me at the moment but we shall see!) and Shadowhunters is a show that I'm actually quite impressed with - I loved The Mortal Instruments Series but hated the film (awful!) so I didn't have much hope for the TV show but I've been pleasantly surprised - I'm really enjoying it! 

GIRAFFE RING HOLDER // Another Christmas gift that I've been particularly loving (my family know me so well!) - I've started wearing and collecting rings more in the past year (I resisted the Pandora stacking ring trend for so long but I finally caved!) and I love that I can stack my rings on this and know exactly where they are and so easy for my to grab and wear. Plus, this little giraffe is so cute!

FRENDS LAYLA HEADPHONES // I'm such a blogger cliche with these! But at least I went for the oil slick caps! I love how these are a little bit different that the rose gold/white ones that everyone and their mother has (not that I don't have my eye on the rose gold caps - I do!) - plus I'm less scared of staining them with my foundation seeing as the leather is black! Aside from looking so pretty - they are really good headphones! I had the Beats ones before I always found them a bit too chunky and they ended up hurting my ears after a little while - but these ones are so much lighter and don't hurt at all! 

BEAUTY BITS // There are three beauty products that I've been obsessed with all month long - all cult products that have been talked about approximately a million times before on everyones beauty blogs but hey - I like them so I'm gonna mention them too! 
These two products are my first dabble into Charlotte Tilbury products (and oh dear my bank balance isn't going to be happy with this discovery!) - the Magic Foundation is fab (foundations are my make up hoarder products - I just can't get enough!), great coverage and it's so light and skin-like - super easy to wear all day (the only downside is how yellow-toned it is - my skin has pink undertones so this foundation isn't the most natural looking one for me but it works still and I still love it!). The second CT product is the Lip Cheat in (I bet you can guess the shade...!) Pillowtalk - this shade really is the perfect nude lip liner - I'm now potentially a lip liner advocate thanks to this product! 
I finally caved and bought a Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfecter (not sure why it has the longest name ever!) - mine is in the newer shade of 07 Toffee Pink. I've never been a glossy girl (in any meaning not just lip product related!) but these are just the right balance of looking glossy but not feeling all gross and sticky - I like how moisturised they keep my lips - plus super easy to throw on and I don't have to worry about it fading or smudging throughout the day!

Honourable mention to a non-tangible favourite - this little blog! I've managed to keep up with posting a lot more regularly so far this year (high five for me for twice a week posting!). It's really been paying off and my posts from this year have all managed to get more views than any of my posts from last year! Aside from the stats (because they really aren't the be all and end all to me - no pressure blogging is the way to go for me!) - I've really been loving re-discovering this hobby, it has been so much fun!

Phew that was a super long post - points to you for getting to the end! Lemme know what you've been loving this past month!

Insta-Lately // January 2016

Insta-Lately // January 2016

It's nearing the end of the month (finally! Does anyone else feel like January has gone on for ever?!) so that means it's time for a catch up on what I've been posting over on instagram (I'm @belsmay13 over there if you fancy following along!)

The Boxing Day Sales were very good to me this year - especially the Space N.K sale (oops!), I finally treated myself to this duo of Diptyque candles to share with Mum! I fear that this might be quite detrimental to my bank balance....!

I spent the first day of 2016 catching up on sleep and setting up my new journal. I want to keep up the positivity that I ended 2015 with (see this post) so I thought that this journal would be a nice way to keep a record of the little bits of good that happen each day.

I've been loving using my Erin Condren Life Planner since the start of the year (and I posted about it here!).

I decided to impulse-buy a new lamp for my bedside table (who does that?!) from TK Maxx and I love it! I especially like the rose gold addition to my room, I'd resisted the rose gold trend blogger-cliche trend for ages but I officially give in - all of the rose gold please! Also subtle plug - I posted about my bedside beauty bits the other day - here's the link if you fancy a read!

I started my first early shifts this month and although the 4:30 am starts are every so slightly painful - I've been loving having the afternoons off! Ma, Nam and I decided to make the most of it by going out to lunch at one of our fave country pubs - the truffle and Parmesan chips that they serve are just the tastiest!

PLANNER // GLASSES// PJS (from M&S but currently out of stock - sorry!)

I went all tumblr-esque with this photo and kinda love it! Not going to lie, it was taken approximately 10 minutes after I'd woken up in the afternoon post-night shift because I realised I had no photo for this post

Another impulse buy (oops!) but how could I resist these absolutely stunning trainers? I haven't bought any 'proper' trainers in *ages* but then again, lets face it, there's no way I'm using these for 'proper' exercise!

Another perk of shift work is having days off in the week to compensate for working weekends! Mum and I decided to pop to Birmingham for a midweek shopping trip - which obviously had to start with breakfast at Bill's! All of the heart-eyed emojis over their blueberry pancakes!

Little Prin and I had lots of cuddles to try to deal with the cold!

I've recently started to get back into enjoying Lush baths - I went completely obsessive over them a couple of years ago and think I over-did it a little so have avoided them for a year or so! - but I've recently gotten back into using them! They're so perfect for de-stressing and relaxing!

Four Fashion Favourites // January 2016

Four Fashion Favourites // January 2016

SCARF // TRAINERS // BOOTS // PAJAMAS - from M&S but currently out of stock (sorry!)

Apologies for this really quick post today but I'm determined to keep up with posting twice a week - plus I've just finished the second of my night shifts so I'm decidedly lacking in sleep and creativity (and natural light to take any blog photos!).

Anyway, I thought I'd share four of my fashions bits that I've been loving (and possible over wearing!) over the past few weeks! And who knows, this might turn into a mini-series of sorts!

This black watch tartan scarf was on my Christmas wish list and I've been wearing it non-stop since! I love how it's a mix of blue and black - my winter coat this year is navy so I feel like it really ties my outfits together when I want to wear black jeans with my coat! Plus it's a massive blanket scarf so it keeps me super warm and it's in-part cashmere so it's ridiculously soft - I find myself grabbing each it day!

I think that black ankle boots are a staple in everyones wardrobe but I've only just got my hands on some - my mum bought me these boots for Christmas and I'm not quite sure what shoes I wore before I had them - I've been pulling them on with every outfit! I've even wore them for work (after only one day of breaking them in!) and they didn't rub or hurt at all after 8 hours on my feet in the lab all day! Plus, they've been perfect for the snowy/rainy weather we've been having recently - they're fur lined (all the comfort of the 'normal' UGG boot offerings, but they just look classier and more grown up!) so my toes have been kept roasty toasty! I'll definitely be checking out more of UGGs other shoe offerings in the future!

These marble pjs were another Christmas present (thanks to Vivianna for sharing this find!) - they've been washed and worn pretty much constantly since Christmas! I just love how cute they are (marble is so the blogger cliche after all!) and they are so warm and fleecy! The perfect thing to snuggle up in after a hard shift!

Finally, these are a fashion favourite but I'll admit I've not worn them yet! They're the first pair of 'proper' trainers that I've bought in years but I seriously love them! Again, being a blogging cliche - they're the adidas superstar trainers and they have rose gold (or copper, whichever floats your boat!) toe caps (all of the heart eyed emojis!!) and to be honest I have absolutely no justification for why I bought them. I just loved them at first sight and decided to buy them on a complete impulse in case they sold out (which they haven't by the way so get 'em whilst you still can!)!

Again, apologies for the cobbled together post today - I promise that I'll be back on Wednesday with something of much better planning and quality!

Bedside Beauty

Bedside Beauty

lamp TK Maxx (I love this one too!) // headphones // glasses Tiffany & Co. // eye mask // apple watch (sport 42mm in rose gold) // apple watch & iphone stand // candle // dish

Just before bed each night there's a certain selection of beauty stuffs that I reach for. I recently collated all of those products into this super cute marble (of course!) dish from H&M last summer (originally just for a blog photo prop, not gonna lie! - which unfortunately I can't find the link for anymore!) and plonked on by bedside table because, quite frankly, I was sick of getting out of bed approximately a million times before bed to get each thing from out of my vanity. First world problems indeed! This way my nightly beauty stash is all within easy reach and I don't have to leave my cozy duvet cave - win!

Anyway, the products that have made it into this little dish are the beauty bits that I reach for every single evening so I figured that they must be worth a mention on the ol' blog, right?!

THIS WORKS SLEEP BALM // This is reserved for nights when I'm feeling really quite stressed (those sunday scaries get me every week!) and a little of this balm rubbed onto my wrists and temples seems to really help me sleep. Whether that's just a placebo effect I'm not sure, but it helps me feel less stressed so I'm happy whether or not!

VINE-VERA CUTICLE OIL // (while I've heard incredibly sketchy things about their skincare offerings ....) I received their manicure set for Christmas and oh wow - my nails have never been this strong and flake-free (it's incredible!). I've been making sure to soak my nails in their cuticle oil religiously because I've been so impressed with the results!

ELEMIS EYE TREATMENT // I'm really bad at using eye cream every single night (is it just me who's rubbish at this skincare step?!) but every so often the skin underneath my eyes gets really cracked and sore and this stuff is great at sorting it out. I do have my eye on (pun intended!) the avocado creamy eye treatment because I've heard great things about it!

THIS WORKS DEEP SLEEP PILLOW SPRAY // This complete luxury (and potentially unnecessary) product has been part of my pre-bed routine for the last few months. I find that if I spray this on my pillows about 15 mins before I want to go to sleep, around the same time that I switch off my electricals and pick up my book and I've found that I fall asleep so much quicker and sleep more soundly. 

CLARINS HAND AND NAIL TREATMENT CREAM // My favourite hand cream by far! It leaves my hands really moisturized but without being all greasy and covering my phone in oil when I inevitably do my last instagram/facebook/twitter check of the night.

NU NALE NAIL STRENGTHENING CREAM // This cream is so cheap (a bargain at just under £4!) but it does wonders for strengthening my nails. In conjunction with the cuticle oil - my nails have never been in better condition!

THIS WORKS DEEP SLEEP STRESS LESS // okay I didn't realise how much I relied on This Works and their sleep range until I wrote this post! Anyway, this rollerball is only on my bedside table so that I don't end up losing it because it is my absolute saviour when I going on aeroplanes. I'm such a bad flier, it's awful and so embarrassing, I get myself so worked up and stressed but I find that using this rollerball helps me to pretend that I'm not on a plane and I'm at home in bed instead - seeing as it's the same scent as the pillow spray - much less scary! Thanks to Lily Pebbles for this tip because it's honestly the only thing that makes flying more bearable for me!

NIVEA LIP BUTTER // I have no loyalty when it comes to lip balms, I just picked this one up recently and plonked it in my bedside table beauty dish because it's new! My favourite lip balm of the moment is actually the Dr Lipp nipple balm (vile name but amazing product!) but my mum has stolen it, which reminds me I need to go and hunt it down and return it to my stash!

Oh and a hair bobble - of course!

What're your bedtime beauty must haves? I'm thinking some more skin care bits need to be added...

10 Things I Actually Like About January

10 Things I Actually Like About January

Poor January is often regarded as the worst month of the year. And I can see why - the start of 'proper' winter without the idea of a White Christmas to soften the blow, the fact that everyones purse strings are being held just that little bit tighter to deal with the big Christmas spend, the dark nights without everyones Christmas lights to distract us with their twinkly brightness. Le sigh. No wonder January has a bad rep!

I, for one, (especially this year) am trying to change my ways and embrace the black sheep of the months of the year! So to do that, instead of focusing on what sucks about January I thought I'd share what I actually like about January - I'm putting a positive spin on things if you like!


January is the fresh start of the year. It's the reset button that gives you a kick up the derriere to get yourself into gear. I love the optimism that January brings - at the start of a new year you feel like you can get stuck in to changing everything you weren't happy with in the previous year. Whether that be getting yourself organised (all of the planners and planner supplies please!), finally committing to creating that capsule wardrobe (I really need to get around to doing this) or leaving behind a less than fabulous year and entering the next with a new sense of peace and resolution.


Everyone knows that post-Christmas TV is rubbish until all of your favourite TV shows kick in again in January - I'm looking at you PLL (and Benidorm and Midsomer Murders and Call The Midwife...)! Plus brand new shows always premiere at the start of the year - I've decided to give Shadowhunters and Jericho a go this year! You've got to have something to look forward do during the dark nights after all!


Do the days actually ever warm up in January? I feel like we're kept in a constant state of freezing weather! But - with cold weather brings the necessity of getting all snuggled up to escape it! I'm talking about bundling up in the comfiest of pjs, the cosiest of blankets and the fuzziest of socks. All. The. Time.


As much as I love the house being all decked out in Christmas decorations (and I really do!) there's something so cleansing about returning the house to its normal state. I love the peace that packing away Christmas brings - everything in the house just looks so fresh and minimalistic afterwards - ready to take on the new year!


After the December Solstice its all downhill - the back of the long nights has been broken and each day the sunlight hours last for a smidgen longer than the last. In January (even though we've still got a good couple of months of winter left) there's that hope that Spring is on it's way with the longer days. I find it so uplifting and full of hope.


There's something about waking up to a winter wonderland when you peek through your window that is so beautiful. Crisp winter air (and the smell of the outside that lingers on your clothes), crunching on frosty ground and a glistening of snow over barren winter countryside. There's something magical about frost and snow that still lingers even as an adult. 

side note: I must say that at 6am this morning when I was de-snowing my car ready to drive home from work after my night shift I was thinking that winter weather was so pretty!


After all of the hustle and bustle of the last couple of months of the year trying to get all of your Christmas shopping done, running between seeing friends and family and wrapping things up for the year I think January serves as a lovely little break. Time to just take a moment to breathe and relax after all of the rushing around and just have some down-time, some 'me time'.


January is the month of hot tea. It's official (I'm not making this up!). Any excuse to curl up with a mug of steaming English Breakfast Tea I am completely down for! Plus you can break in all of those mugs you received for Christmas!


Whether it be Dry January, getting back into going to the gym or changing your eating habits January is the month for self-improvement. With everyone else trying to change their ways too, it's the perfect time to give and receive that encouragement and support to change whatever you've been wanting to change for a while. Plus when January is over your new habit will become so much easier to carry on with -  you will have passed that 28 day mark when something new becomes part of your routine!


Despite all of the reasons above, I still think that January is one of the hardest months of the year to get through. I don't know what it is about it but January is just the monday-ist of months - it takes a real conscious effort to try to stay positive through out it (well it does for me anyway!). I think because of that, the thing that I love the most about January is that with each passing day it gets closer to February. And February is always over in a blink of an eye (it's only 2 days shorter than most other months but doesn't it always feel like it's over way faster?!) and then it's March. And with the coming of March, it means that Spring will be right around the corner! 

Currently // 13-1

Currently // 13-1

I do love these sneaky mid-week posts! 

Today's post is just a quickie (oo-err!) to share what I'm loving at the moment!

Eating // pineapple ice lollies - they're unsweetened so are fun way to incorporate a piece of fruit into my day. Yep, I am aware that it's the middle of winter, but I crave frozen treats whatever the weather!

Drinking // diet coke. As per.

Watching // well re-watching - The Abominable Bride aka the latest Sherlock episode. I watched it when it was first aired (obviously!) but I've had to re-watch it because it left me so confused (in the best way!)

Listening // Elvis Presley - specifically the latest album featuring his voice along with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. All of the songs on there are breathtaking.

Reading // Winter by Marissa Meyer. Well I'm cheating a bit with this one because I've just finished this book (the final instalment of The Lunar Chronicles series) and it was amazing! I couldn't have hoped for a better end to such an original series!

Planning // a trip to London next month! I'm thinking a trip to Fortnum's for breakfast, a showing of Les Mis and of course lots of shopping! side note: here's what we got up to last time we went to the city!

Obsessing // over my new bedside light! I picked it up in TK Maxx as a complete impulse buy for such a steal!

Smelling // the Baies candle offering from Diptyque - this is my first Diptyque candle and I'm so hesitant to burn it! I've managed to take it out the packaging at least and the scent is permeating through my room - it smells so good!

Wearing // I'm all snuggled up in my new dressing gown from The White Company - it's the most comfiest dressing gown ever!

Wanting // these ridiculously cute rose gold capped white trainers - all of the heart eyed emojis, I don't even care how trendy they are!

Feeling // quite proud of myself that I've managed my few early shifts this week - whilst the 4:30am wake ups are less than fun, I'm loving being finished for the day a 2pm!

Joining the #ECLP Family

Joining the #ECLP Family

After managing to continually use my Paperchase planner for the whole of 2015, and for the most part of the year I was using planner stickers to plan out my week (if you're a smidge lost then check out the planning community on YT - it becomes an obsession no matter how hard you try to resist!) I decided to treat myself to an Erin Condren Life Planner! 

Everyone and their mother seems to plan with an ECLP on youtube and I convinced myself way back in May last year that I *needed* one! but decided that seeing as it is quite the investment for a planner (from $50!) I decided to treat myself to it as a Christmas present to myself! And I'm so glad that I did - I'm obsessed with it! I love it far more than someone should love a glorified notebook I think!

I've obviously only been using my ECLP for a couple of weeks but I already am loving the vertical layout. I'm a very list-based person, I like writing lists and separating things out into sections - that's how my mind works best so the Erin Condren is perfect for me in that respect! Also, the unlined blank spaces of the pages really lend themselves to the creativity of using stickers to plan out your week! The possibilities are endless - but always leave me with the debate of "white space" or "no white space" (again, if you're lost head to YT!)!

But anyway, the point of this post is to introduce my stunning planner to the ol' blog (I mean just look at it!) mainly because it's one of my most favourite things at the moment! But also because this whole planning thing has become somewhat of a creative outlet for me. Seeing as my job is science-based there's a distinct lack of physical creativity in my life so I'm really happy to have found this new creative hobby in my life (I like to say that for me it's scrapbooking for someone who is creatively challenged!). And obviously I want to start sharing this new hobby on my blog. So there's going to be a sprinkling of planner-related posts appearing on here every so often (I'll try not to bombard you with it!) and I just thought I'd give you a bit of the heads up in case you're interested in the planning community!

Also, I'm going to shamelessly plug my planner instagram @belsmay13plans here because I try to keep my normal insta (@belsmay13) planner-free seeing as the whole planning thing really isn't for everyone - but if you are into planner then I'd love it if you gave my insta a follow!

Insta-Lately // December 2015

Insta-Lately // December 2015

Introducing, my favourite instagram shots from December!

I treated myself to new glasses at the start of December and I'm so in love with them!

I managed to find my a giant bag of my favourite candy - mint m&m's! And they were in holiday colours too - I got far too excited when I saw them in store!

This winter season my Bath & Body Works candle of choice is Mahogany Balsam - I described it in my December Favourites post as if (and I quote!) "a deliciously rugged man who has recently chopped down a Christmas Tree for me"! Almost inappropriate for my room, haha!

I loved how I decorated my room for Christmas this year - I really went all out!

Little Prin & I spent far too many afternoons snuggled up in my chair next to the Christmas tree - how adorable is she?!

My Christmas Eve Eve treat this year was this sweet little gingerbread reindeer!

I loved the Kate Spade-ish gold/black/white wrapping I chose for my presents this year

Our Christmas dinner table was super colourful this year and we loved it! 

One of my main presents this Christmas was the apple watch (!!) so obviously I was playing with it all over Christmas weekend! I couldn't resist snapping this shot of my Grandad's vintage pocket watch (this has been my absolute favourite family heirloom since I was little) with my new apple watch - talk about old and new juxtaposition! 

We celebrated NYE very low key this year - but obviously bubbles were involved! Well, it would've been rude not to cheers to 2016!

December Favourites

December Favourites

I think that December just *might* have been one of my favourite month of 2015. It started off with a fun-filled week off that really got me in the festive spirit, followed by a few weeks of work (nothing too eventful, it felt nice to be feeling like I've started to hit my stride in work!) and then finally a fabulous Christmas one of the best since I was little I think!

December was filled with a trip to the Christmas markets in Birmingham, a visit to our favourite Christmas decor grotto, many afternoons watching Christmas films and lots of evenings spent snuggled up next to the Christmas tree sipping hot chocolate.

In terms of work it was a busy month. It was a busy time working to try and get completely signed off ready for my night shifts at the end of the month! I managed it with a couple of weeks to spare! This year was the first Christmas that I had to work - I was on the Boxing Day early (that 6am start wasn't my favourite!) and then my first couple of night shifts were during the week in between Christmas and New Year. They both, thankfully, went okay! Although it has been a little difficult getting used to working all night and sleeping all day to then try and get back into a 'normal' sleeping pattern!

This month's favourites are going to be short and sweet - my favourites for December were less tangible and more experience-like instead. But nevertheless, 

I decided to do something a little different in the way that I used my planner in December - I gave weekly themes a go! For each week of December I used a different themed weekly set and I loved the creativity it gave me - it made my planner look really festive! If you want to see my December spreads (and other planner-related pictures) then check out my planner insta @belsmay13plans

I treated myself to some new glasses in December. I wear my contacts for most of the week so I've not bought myself new glasses for almost 3 years! I was torn between Ray-Bans or some Tiffany glasses. I went with Tiffany ones because I just loved the slightly more feminine shape compared to the Ray-Bans. I love them! I've been wearing my glasses so much more since getting my new ones!

My mum went on holiday and brought me back these Milka and Oreo bites and oh my goodness they are delicious! I've been rationing them because they're my new favourite sweet treat and they're only a seasonal offering! Why are the best sweets always the ones that are only available seasonally?!

A new season brings with it the burn of a new candle in the world of Belle, and this seasons choice has been Maghony Balsam from Bath & Body Works. Oh wow - in my mind this candle smells like a deliciously rugged man who has recently chopped down a Christmas Tree for me. But then again I do have quite the vivid imagination. According to B&BW Mahogany Balsam smells like "walk through holiday woods with the aromatic fragrance of fresh green balsam, juniper berries and rich mahogany". I was close :P

My final favourite for December was the books I read. I decided to read only festive novels and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I managed to read 8 books in December (I'm impressed with that!) - The Night Before Christmas (Scarlett Bailey), Fairytale of New York (Miranda Dickinson), Bella's Christmas Bake Off (Sue Watson), Santa Maybe (Scarlett Bailey), One Wish In Manhattan (Mandy Baggot), Never Kiss a Man In a Christmas Jumper (Debbie Johnson), A Very Country Christmas (Zara Stoneley) & Dream a Little Christmas Dream (Giovanna Fletcher). All of these are really fun festive easy-reads - definitely ones to put on your reading list for December next year!

I think that my December favourites should have an honourable mention of this little blog - following the creating of my gift guides for December I really fell back in love with blogging and I managed to post more in December than I had done in any other months this year! Well done me!

So that was my December - I definitely ended the year on a good month!