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My Top Oxblood Nail Polishes

I've recently become slightly obsessed with the whole oxblood nail polish trend - whenever I'm not at work I've found myself reaching for a deep red to adorn my nails with! I've become quite the oxblood polish hoarder so I thought I'd share my top picks with y'all...

THE CHEAPY CHAPPY - Barry M is always fab for a quick nail polish trend fix - for just £2.99 Red Black is a great way to experiment with the oxblood nail polish trend without breaking the bank. Love it.

THE DRUGSTORE DEPENDABLE - Essie is my go to for any nail polish colour - their formula and brush make the application just so easy if you ask me. I know that I can buy any of their polishes and am guaranteed that they will paint on well and look nice for a good few days. Their Bordeaux oxblood offering is such a solid staple in my nail polish stash that I can't imagine being without it - I find myself reaching for it far too often!

THE LUXURY SPLURGE - Chanel, oh Chanel. Painting my nails with one of these bad boys always makes me feel so special and fancy! Rouge Noir, is one of the most iconic Chanel shades - it is a lovely shade but it's not too far removed from any of my other picks! Plus the chipping of Chanel nail polishes seriously upsets me - especially for the price tag! But if you're a Chanel fan, you need Rouge Noir in your stash!

THE LONGEWEAR WONDER - My latest obsession has been these Maybelline gel polishes. Every brand and their mother has brought out a gel polish but these are the ones I've found that actually do last longer than normal polishes do! For whenever I'm not with patients at work and I can wear nail polish I've been painting my nails with Rouge Couture - and loving how one coat is opaque and then it lasts the whole working week!