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2015 in a nutshell

I've sat down to write this post a couple of times but have ended up deleting it because it didn't feel 'glossy' enough to be on my blog - but hey; it's my blog, it has been my year and I want to document it. That sounds a lot more passive aggressive that was intended (truth be told I'm snuggled up in my new dressing gown from The White Company (thank you Selfridges Boxing Day Sales!) post-night shift so I'm not in a position to be coming across as passive aggressive!). 

Anyway onto the actual reflective part of this post.

2015 was an odd year for me. If I could choose one word to describe it I would have to say '"me". I started off the year coming out of a seven year relationship so inadvertently I spent 2015 almost re-discovering who I am (well, that sounds lame!). It's inevitable when you're in a relationship that you lose some of "you" and gain some of "us". You subconsciously always find yourself doing things that you both want to do (not begrudgingly, but because you love the other person) and along the way "you" seems to get a little lost and perhaps becomes a little less shiny. So when my relationship ended I was left at a little bit of a loss as to who I was without the label of "X's girlfriend". Don't get me wrong, I don't regret my relationship at all - it has just been a big change going from Belle in a long-term relationship since I was teenager to single Belle. I didn't even know who single Belle was! 

Looking back, I spent 2015 figuring out who single Belle is. Turns out she's a little bit of a workaholic. My career has been my main focus this year - after the breakup I sort of threw myself into my work - and it paid off! I've managed to get almost completely signed off as competent in all sections of my job which meant I did a 3 month rotation on the late shift rota and then joined the proper shift rota (night shifts - eek!) as of this past week! I feel a real sense of accomplishment and pride in this fact - it may seem menial and just 'doing my job' but looking back on how little experience I had in the lab at the start of the year - I've come so far and gained so much more confidence in my abilities!

2015 Belle had some amazing adventures when I wasn't working - I took a trip to London with Ma. We love taking a city break in London and this year was my favourite yet (shameless plug, read all about what we got up to here!)! Plus I was really proud of myself because I managed to put my social anxiety (anxiety is banded around a lot but hey, there's no other word for it so I'll have to stick with it!) to one side and meet my bestest blogger buddy Aftab (pretty sure that you're all already reading his awesome blog but if not - go check it out!) for a lovely afternoon tea (he's the blogger professional so go read his post about our experience!). Our summer holiday this years was an amazing 10 days of pure luxury and relaxation in Tenerife - just what was needed to charge the batteries!

I also discovered a new hobby in 2015 - planning. Yes, this is a legit hobby - it has it's own community on YT and everything. Using stickers (yes I am 22 and not 2 - I'm aware! They're stickers for adults - it's amazing!) to plan out my days allows me to have a smidgen of creativity in my life - a much welcomed break from science sometimes! I think of it as scrapbooking for those who, like me, are somewhat creatively challenged! You either understand this hobby or you're completely underwhelmed and confused by it all - and that's okay! I for one am loving it!

It seems like this year has been dominated by 'the breakup'. But this hasn't been in a negative way - I've not been spending every night crying into a pint of ice cream whilst binge watching netflix (well, binge watching netflix obviously happened - Gilmore Girls and NCIS were my obsessions!)! I just mean that "the breakup" has been the catalyst to help me to spend some time on being me - spending time doing what I want, and doing this for me. 2015 was a big learning curve in terms of my work life and my personal life, but ultimately I'm ending the year a completely different (not better, not worse, just different) person. It's quite refreshing. 

So that was my 2015 in a nutshell. Snaps to you if you've made it all the way to the end of this horrifically ramble-y post!

Cheers to the New Year and see you in 2016 everyone!