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October Favourites

“October proved a riot a riot to the senses and climaxed those giddy last weeks before Halloween.” - K. Donohue

That quote ^^ really does sum up this past month for me. In the midst of taking far too many instas of the leaves changing colours (one of my favourite times of the year!), snuggling up in blankets binge-watching netflix (NCIS is my latest obsession!) and spending far too much money and time playing planning out the month with planner stickers!; I managed to have a pretty momentous month at work.

I joined institute for my profession and in doing so gained some extra letters to put behind my name (so fancy!), I got the date for when I start on the proper grown-up shift rota (hello night shifts!) (for anyone interested my first actual shift is the early on Boxing Day - I'm not looking forward to starting work at 6am!), I dealt with my first major hemorrhage solo (before I'd always had someone standing over me just in case I needed them, but this time I flew solo - all of the confidence was gained!) and I got signed off in another section which means there's just morphology that stands between me and being a fully fledged rotating biomedical scientist!

Phew - looking back, that was such a good work month for me! Yay!

Moving onto my favourites from October - they're kind of thin on the ground this month but heyho here we go nonetheless!

I think I took a little too much enjoyment in pulling out all of my more autumn/winter appropriate nail polish colours - I'll take all of the blues, greys and dark reds please! Essie polishes have stolen all of my attention at the moment - Bahama Mama, Bobbing for Baubles and After School Boy Blazer are my perfect autumn aesthetic.

It has gotten seriously rather chilly lately so I've had fun re-discovering my autumn/winter wardrobe again - especially my ugg slippers - so comfy and cozy - perfect for chilly autumn nights! Plus, my riding boots, flannel/plaid shirts and my Barbour jacket have been featuring heavily in my non-work outfits - I love fall fashion, is that too cliche of me?!

Reading-wise - the new Robert Galbraith book finally came out this month and I am so looking forward to reading it - yes I know that I shouldn't really include it in my favourites seeing as I've not even opened it yet but I've been counting down the days for its release! I loved HP and JK Rowling is obviously a genius for creating that world but her foray into crime writing as Robert Galbraith is incredible - I've been eagerly awaiting the next installment of Strike's crazy escapades!

Also, I think I've fallen back into a toleration of audiobooks - I used to love them as a child but fell out with them as I grew up, and a dabble into audible a couple of years ago left me a bit uninterested in them. But, I downloaded the new Abbi Glines novel (Until Friday Night - an amazing novel, as always from AG!) and started listening to it on my way home from work to pass the time as I'm stuck in traffic and really enjoyed the experience! It was a fab way to distract me from the crazy drivers that seem to appear when it gets to home time!

The new 5SOS album was released and I know that I'm far too old to be enjoying their music but their songs are all so darn catchy! I've been singing and bopping along to 'Sounds Good Feels Good' all month and enjoying every moment of it! Stand out faves of mine are Vapour and Safety Pin!

I've been loving using my Ashley Brooke Designs mug that I received as part of my September #mementomysterybox from Shop Memento - it certainly brightens up my morning!

Last but certainly not least is my beautiful new bag that I couldn't resist - the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Side Zip MAB Tote in this stunning oxblood/maroon/burgundy (or whatever the trendy way to describe deep red is this season!) absolutely stole my heart when I saw it featured in a wishlist from {Life With Emily}- I knew I had to have it for this autumn/winter! I adore it, it goes perfectly with the abundance of navy in my wardrobe!