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10 Things To Buy This Autumn

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I'm a frequent online peruse-r (aren't we all?!) and recently I've stumbled across a boat-load of bits and pieces that have caught my eye and made there way into my shopping carts. Sadly, I've not got as far as checking out with all of these items thanks to having to spend a good proportion of this months pay check on car repairs. Oh, those silly grown up responsibilities really do get in the way of my shopaholic tendencies!

I'm a tad late to the party but I've suddenly got my eye on some super cute copper/metal home-ware pieces - a chalkboard and copper globe is a must have of course!, plus everyone is still obsessed with pineapples right? I feel an update to my room brewing in the works! 

Winter fashion is upon us and some new bits and pieces are begging to be added to my wardrobe - a new winter coat, a matching scarf obvs, some new boots (I'm not sure why I've become infatuate with these blue suede boots but I'm all of the heart-eyed emojis over them) and what season is complete without a new handbag? The Rebecca Minkoff side zip mini MAB tote is just enough of a nod to the Celine luggage tote to keep me satisfied without the hefty price tag which has my bank account breathing a sigh of relief - plus when it's in a stunning oxblood colour it couldn't be much more perfect for autumn/winter!