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Oh Hello Again!

Ooh, I do love a sneaky mid-week catch up post!

This post is basically an apology - please accept my most sincere apologies for only having radio silence going on here on the ol' blog for the last couple of weeks. Ooops!

My excuse? I was off on my jollys!

I spent an amazing ten days in Tenerife - ten whole days of pure relaxing bliss, 20 books and a few cheeky glasses of bubbles made up my fabulous break!

Our home for the break was the stunning Hotel Vincci Selección La Plantación del Sur in one of their beautiful junior suites (well worth the pennies, it was so luxurious!)!

On the first day I scoped out the best sun bed (those fancy double ones with the curtains!) and that was me set for the rest of the holiday - eight hour days spent lounging by the pool, working my way through my reading list was just what the doctor ordered! It was so nice to properly switch off and chill seeing as my last break from work was in May!!

Anyway, now that I'm back home it's back to work and of course a return to weekly blogging - so you and I both have that to look forward to - you lucky ducks!