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Etsy Sticker Haul #1...

My obsession with planner stickers is still going strong - in fact, it's becoming a borderline obsession. I think the postman is getting rather concerned with how many slim enveloped I'm receiving from America and curious as to their contents! 

I've managed to develop quite the collection of stickers in the past couple of months since I fell into the planner community and I want to share some of the lovely etsy stores I've stumbled across with all of you fellow #planneraddicts. Now if I was more confident I'd film a haul of these stickers to put up on YT (because that's my favourite way to find new etsy sticker shops, I'm definitely guilty of watching sticker haul after sticker haul when I go on YT!) but alas I'm not (maybe one day I'll become brave enough!) but until then I'm going to share some of my collective sticker hauls on the ol' blog here!

So here's my Etsy Sticker Haul #1... 

EllieBeth Designs UK // I've featured this shop [before] and still every time there are new releases I jump straight on and order a bunch of them! This time I grabbed a couple of styles of flags, some gratitude stickers, some more car stickers (I always run out of these when I use the monthly kits!), a random selection of little icons, some half boxes for my monthly spreads (which will hopefully make me better at using my monthly spreads better!) and this awesome Pink Lemonade kit. 

For the last week of August I decided that I wanted to try my hand at doing a 'themed week' for the first time so I managed to be good and save this Pink Lemonade kit until then and I seriously loved it! It has definitely made me think that creating themed spreads is a lot less intimidating now!

Sweet Bean Plans // I may have paid ridiculous US to UK shipping for this one sheet of stickers because I thought that they would be *perfect* for my Pink Lemonade spread! I just think that this sheet is just so darn cute!

Cricket Paper Co. // This store really came through for me - I'd be having a real struggle trying to find some vacation countdown stickers that weren't disney/harry potter themed and I finally found these! Plus when I scrolled through her shop I found these flight tracker stickers too that are going to be perfect for keeping all of my flight details together in one place!

Sweet Kawaii Design // Another shop that I order from on a regular basis - I just can't help myself, all of these stickers are just so darn cute! I couldn't resist this stationery themed set (not that I really have a use for them but they were too adorable to pass up, just look at those little page flag sets!). I also got this blog set because they were more blog themed than just the laptop ones I had from her previously (okay that justification sounded weak even to me - I just liked them, okay?!). Finally I re-purchased some more of these mason jars - I love these for filling up space on quiet days in my planner.

Sweet Peach Planner // How could I pass up this Lilly inspired sheet of full boxes? I've been wanting to experiment with full box stickers to again fill up blank spaces in my spreads so I'm excited to ration these out in my spreads because I love them so much!

Two Krafty Chicks // I was on a real full boxes kick when I placed this order! I love these quotations - I think they'll be really cute to add into my weekly spreads! I also picked up these blog stickers because I just really liked the font/handwriting. And finally if a shop has anything mason jar related I will purchase it without hesitation! I really like these mason jar to do lists - I think they'll be really good for weekly to do's for any spread!

So that was my latest sticker haul - my obsession continues so you can definitely expect another sticker haul soon! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you're a fellow planner sticker addict then please leave your favourite sticker shops in the comments so I can further fuel my addiction!