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August Favourites

august favourites 2015

It seriously embarrasses me that my last post was my July Favourites. My excuses? As usual the standard, "but *insert the past month* went by so fast!" and also the fact that the keyboard on my laptop decided to completely give out on me and the thought of writing another post on my iPad/iPhone made me want to cry. Call me old school but I can't be dealing with typing for a pro-longed time on a touch-screen keyboard!

Anyway, I treated myself to a chromebook (oh wow I'm in love *insert heart eyed emoji*!) so I can type away to my heart's content so let's get on with this post - my August Favourites...

Fun things that happened in August? Work-wise I finally got to feel more comfortable with being on the late shift and Saturday morning shift (it feels so weird being the grown-up in charge of the lab!) plus my morphology training really stepped up (so.much.concentration), I went a little bit crazy on the planner sticker ordering front (expect a sticker haul soon!) - but seriously one of the weeks in August I received a sticker delivery every day - there's seriously something wrong with that!, A was revealed on PLL and I was less than impressed & I finally got around to reading The Queen of the Tearling and bloody hell it was incredible! I highly recommend it!

Beauty-wise I became obsessed with using the Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo. I was finding that the amount of product that I was using to keep my crazy curls in check was weighing my hair down and starting to irritate my scalp. So I combined using this clarifying shampoo, to get rid of the product build up, with washing my hair every other day (going against every curly hair rule I've ever read but heyho!) and my curls have seriously look so much better and way more spring-y this month!

I'm a huge fan of iced tea - lemon, peach, mango, all are great choices but my absolute fave flavour is raspberry (the raspberry iced tea from Costa is my go-to drink order!). I've tried to re-create making raspberry iced tea at home but it just hasn't been as good. But then I stumbled across the Lipton Iced Tea in Raspberry in the shop at work and I snatched up a couple of bottles to feed my addiction and oh my gosh - so good!

The best thing about August? The fact that #GBBO (Great British Bake Off) has come back onto our screens. I don't know what it is about this baking show that literally has me looking forward to it each week. The baking innuendos alone are enough of a draw to watch! At the minute I think that Matt is my favourite - he's just so cute!

The planning obsession is still going strong and August was a great planning month for me - I'm super happy with how all of my spreads ended up looking, especially this past last week of the month. I saved my first themed set of stickers for the last week of summer and I absolutely love how my Pink Lemonade theme planned out! Is it sad that just looking at this week in my planner makes me smile? Yeah, probably - oh well!

Finally, like last month's faves I have a home wear piece to share - the most recent decor piece that I've added to my room: a light bulb vase! I love picking up slightly random pieces for my room (case in point: my measuring cylinder vase and vintage microscope) and this vase is the latest thing to be added to my collection. I think it's just so fun and cute, a definite statement piece that looks fab on my sideboard dresser!

So that was August in a nutshell (well a blog post really but let's not get weighed down in the details!). I hope that this past month was good to you and I promise that the time between this post and my next will be shorter than a month this time!