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What's In My Handbag // Work Edition

Seeing as I've now just surpassed the one year of post-grad employment stage I figured that I deserved a little a treat. So obviously, I figured a new handbag would be the perfect choice! I knew exactly which bag I wanted to add to my collection - a Michael Kors. Now, I know that everyone and their mother has an MK bag but I still wanted one desperately and I'd put off purchasing one for ages so yeah that's my feeble justification to myself as to why I bought myself a new bag - I just wanted one :P

Anyway, I figured what better way to introduce my newest baby to you all than a classic 'what's in my bag' post - so here we go...

Oh, before I start - the bag that I eventually chose (after much deliberation - Ma was about to walk off I spent so much time uhmming and ahhing over the different styles!) was the "Jet Set Multifunction Saffiano Leather Tote Bag" (Kor what a mouthful! :P) in black. Obviously, because that goes with everything!

Purse // if there's one thing that makes me feel like a proper adult (along with wearing heels to work) it's having my purse and handbag match! This MK "Jet Set Travel Leather Continental Purse" that I bought last year (my first foray into MK leather goods that was swiftly followed by the "Selma Medium Leather Messenger Bag") matches my new bag perfectly. Plus this purse is really compact but very spacious inside and miraculously it's scratch-free after a year of use! 

Umbrella // I live in England, so duh. Plus, you know that if you leave your brolly at home then it's going to pour down and you'll end up heading into work looking like a drowned rat. Not a good look.

Pens // I've just always been that person who has an extra pen on them and that's still true today!

Anticoagulant Books // Definitely something very specific to my job! I run anticoagulant management clinics and I always forget to pick some of these up before I leave work so now I just carry a couple in my bag all the time so I don't get caught out!

Printer Ink Roll // Again, one of those things that I'd always forget to pick up before clinic and find that just as I'm about to start that my printer is out of ink - so frustrating!

Pocket Resuscitation Mask // Very specific to my job here, but as a health care professional (albeit a scientist and not medically trained) there is a responsibility to be prepared just in case something happens to one of your patients in clinic. So, I always think that I'd rather carry this around just on the off chance that one day (god forbid) that I might have to use it to potentially save one of my patients lives. Scary stuff, huh?!

Work ID // Always useful when you need it to get into your part of the building!

Portable Charger // My iPhone dies pretty quickly seeing as I'm always on it using the kindle app during my breaks so this ban.do rechargeable back up battery is a life saver!

Earphones // Always handy if I feel like listening to some music on the walk into work or during my lunch break.

Body Spray // Always nice to have a post-lunch spritz to re-fresh before going back in to work. Side note: it really bothers me that this bottle is too big to fit in my beauty bag, grrr.

Beauty Bits & Bobs // I like carry a stash of my beauty essentials round with me just in case, currently these are (but aren't limited to!) - tissues (I'm prone to nosebleeds so these are a necessity not just handy!), paracetamol (I rarely ever take painkillers but if my wisdom teeth start coming through then I'm good for nothing until the pain is under control!), stain remover wipes (so useful if you're as clumsy as I am!), deodorant (duh), concealer + brush, hand cream (washing my hands so much at work really does a number on my skin!), hand sanitiser (yes, I pay extortionate prices on ebay to get my fix of Bath & Body Works - they just smell so good!), mirror (a must-have if you're a contact lenses wearer!), hand wipes (I just like my hands to be clean apparently!), roll-on perfume and lip balm (this one's a real good 'un!).