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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

how to clean your makeup brushes mac brush cleanser dr bronner's magic soap soap and glory massage glove

Here I am attempting to dabble into the realm of beauty blogging again - please bear with!

Sunday, otherwise known as the great makeup brush cleaning day in beauty aficionados calender. 

Le sigh. 

It's a beauty task that I always manage to put off doing until literally all of my makeup brushes are all dirty and the only other option is to apply my makeup using my fingers (not a fan).

Due to my dislike of washing my makeup brushes I've managed to scale things down to two extremely simple steps so that the arduous task is over and done with as soon as possible!

So my brush washing technique (is there such a thing?!) is two fold: the spot clean & the intense clean.


I'm sure that everyone has had a bottle of MAC brush cleanser in their stash at some point. Seeing as it is alcohol based it's perfect for a spot clean as it means your brushes dry pretty fast but are still cleaned and disinfected. 

Basically if you're in a pinch and need a brush cleaned stat this is the perfect product. Before you start your makeup you reach for your favourite brush (you know the one that makes your favourite foundation go on flawlessly?) only to find that it's looking less than fresh - just slosh a bit of the MAC cleanser on to the brush, swirl it around on a flannel (or a tissue but I find that that gets annoying little tissue parts stuck on my brush!), set it down to dry, go ahead and start dealing with your hair or picking out an outfit and in a couple of minutes come back and your brush will be clean and dry ready for your foundation application.



For those times when you've tried to spot clean a couple too many times and your brushes are practically begging for a good deep clean! 

Now this step requires some more time and dedication than the spot clean - so park yourself in your bathroom, whack on your YT subscriptions and prepare yourself to tackle the mountain of dirty makeup brushes that have been looking at you accusingly from your makeup station for the last couple of days. Ready? 

Now I'll tell you my two little saviours that I arm myself with in the fight against dirty makeup brushes - Dr Bronner's Magic Soap and Soap & Glory's Massage Glove (oo-err!). I've only recently discovered this incredible combination but honestly they're the perfect team for giving your brushes an intense clean. 

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap literally is magic - the tiniest amount on a damp brush lathers up like a dream and leaves your brushes as good as new. That foundation brush that has never looked as white as it did when you got it no matter how well you tried to clean it? Yep, it's back to looking white - all traces of foundation are gone and bonus, it also smells great now (my fave scent of the soap is the peppermint, closely followed by the citrus!)!

Now alone, the magic soap is fab but combined with a good swirling action onto the Massage Glove instead of just using the palm of your hand and the whole washing ordeal is over so much faster. The little massage bobbles help to get the soap into every little bit of the brushes and give a super deep clean that is far easier that just using your hands. 

A quick yet thorough rinse under cold (never hot) water and your sparkling brushes are ready to be set out to dry - I like to leave mine overnight so that I can make my Monday mornings a little better by waking up to freshly washed make up brushes - it's the little things :P

Well that's how I deal with cleaning my make up brushes - hope it was helpful!

Side note: Dr Bronner's Magic Soap is available online (I like to throw it into bag just before I check out on {ASOS}) but in the last couple of weeks I've managed to find it at my local TK Maxx for just £3.99 - such a steal! I may or may not have stocked up while I had the chance!

dr bronner's magic soap makeup brush cleaner