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Oooh - a sneaky mid-week post coming at you today!

I've been somewhat lacking in motivation to actually blog - I've got a list of potential ideas as long as my arm but sitting down and actually writing a post has been proving difficult! 

But anyway, I'm hoping that having the structure of this post will help me to get through a whole post in one sitting!

Eating // Cadbury's Caramel Nibbles - oh good lord these are just too delicious! Top tip: put them in the fridge - they are even more incredible when they're cold!

Listening // to any summer 2015 country music on spotify. Every time summer rolls around I become a massive fan of country music - just get me to a lake in the back of a truck with some sweet tea in a mason jar (oh and a cowboy wouldn't hurt too I suppose!)

Reading // I'm still working my way through everything that Abbi Glines has written - I'm obsessed with her writing style (I've fallen in love with every one of her main male characters so far!) and how all of her books are set in the South (particularly Alabama!).

Watching // Friday Night Lights. I've never been interested in any sports TV show but this one (again probably because it's set in the South - are you sensing a theme here?!) has seriously become my obsession. Where's my Tim Riggins hiding?!

Feeling // proud that I've successfully joined the 12-8 shift rota at work - basically I work alone in the blood transfusion lab for 3 hours! It's super stressful but I'm actually relishing the responsibility and the sense of achievement that it gives me at the end of each shift!

Obsessing // over my planner and planner stickers - still! I love spending a few minutes at the end of each day documenting and planning out my days!

Planning // where to go on my two weeks off in September - I'm leaning towards a cruise but I know that it's going to be so insanely out of my comfort zone that it could easily turn into the holiday from hell!

Smelling // the Bath & Body Works Bow Ties & Bourbon candle - oh hello yummy manly scent!

Wearing // easy breezy fit and flare summer dresses to help me deal with this crazy heat (yep actually sunshine and heat!!) that England has been gifted with at the moment!

Feeling // excited for my early start on the weekend tomorrow thanks to having Friday afternoon off - the up side to having to joining the Saturday morning shift rota!