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Recent Beauty Haulage: Boots & TK Maxx

The first weekend post pay day inevitably ends up in a shopping trip. During which I usually get a bit over-excited and splurge on treating myself for making it through another month of full time work (I'm kidding, I love my job!)!

I went a bit beauty-heavy in my purchasing this month so I thought I'd try my hand at being a 'beauty blogger' (maybe?!) and share (or should it be haul?!) what I got.

First I popped into my local Boots for a good nosey round. I tend to avoid Boots like the plague during the most part of the month and limit myself to one big spend each month because I know that if I 'popped in for a few bits' multiple times a month I'd end up losing a good percentage of my paycheck in there! Anyway, after a lovely browse around the store and picking up my usual boring items (deodorant, razor blades, toothpaste - *yawn*) I allowed myself some 'fun' purchases. 

The Soap & Glory Hand Mitt thing looks vaguely like an instrument of torture if it were to be used on the body (just me?!) but it looks like it will be a great surface to deep clean my make up brushes on. Plus, I'm sure that I've seen someone rave about using it for that purpose - stay tuned to see if I agree!

I also picked up the the Soap & Glory Facial Mitt (I was loving the S&G mitts apparently!) because it looks so very similar to the Luna facial mitt (overlooking the whole electronics of the latter of course) which I've been lusting after for a while - I do love a good bandwagon to jump on! After really not getting on with the whole mechanical face brush craze I thought this would be a good way to try out the new craze of rubber face washing contraptions on offer instead!

I'm a complete sucker when it comes to sponsored YT videos - I know that I should resist the obvious advertising that brands are employing nowadays but when I saw that Aussie had released a collection of body washes I knew I wanted in. I love the smell of Aussie products but they just don't get on with my insanely curly hair so having that smell in body wash form - I was sold! The 'Mega Watt' Aussie Body Wash smells super refreshing and very Aussie-ish so I'm very happy to have found a way to enjoy Aussie!

Next up on my shopping trip was TK Maxx. Now good ol' TK Maxx is a bit of a love/hate store for me - some days you can walk in and fill up your basket with epic finds in less than five minutes and other days you wander round aimlessly for ages, desperately trying to find something to spend your money on. It's a gamble. But on this occasion, it was gamble that paid off - I found some amazing bits and pieces (side note: in a non-beauty related purchase I found myself some Jack Rogers and saved myself £100 - score!).

During the Boxing Day sales I tried to convince myself that I needed the This Works Deep Sleep Duo but really couldn't justify it, but finding it for just a couple of pounds made the purchase a lot easier to deal with! I'm excited to see what all of this fuss is about surrounding this duo!

I love the Yes To Cucumber range - so when I spied the huge bottle of the Yes To Cucumber Body Wash I knew that I wanted it. Did I need another body wash to add to the 3 or 4 half-empty bottles I already have in my shower (even after I just purchased an Aussie one from next door only five minutes ago)? Of course not. But did that stop me from justifying it by thinking how lovely and cooling this cucumber scent would be for a cold shower in the summer? Of course not.

Now, the best beauty purchase of the day had to be the Dr Bronner Magic Soap! A while ago I heard the amazing beauty guru's Lily Pebbles & Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup rave about this product as a brush cleaner so as usual, I took their word as gospel and dutifully added this to my wishlist. And seeing as I was perfectly happy (or so I thought) with the job that my combination of baby shampoo and MAC brush cleanser was doing with my makeup brushes, there the magic soap stayed. Until, I found it hiding on the shelves in TK Maxx - so naturally I picked it up seeing as it's a rarity finding it right there in a store (I had been planning to order it from ASOS when I eventually got round to it). And then the obsessive in me found the peppermint scent on the back of the shelf below too - so I obviously I nabbed that one as well - for that price it would've been rude not to! I;m sure that you can expect a post on a complete overhaul of how I clean my brushes in the not too distant future.

So that was my recent beauty haulage - I'm now going to go and pop my debit card in the freezer until next payday so that I'm not tempted to go on another spending spree! 

But then again, there's always online shopping...