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New Obsession: Planners & Stickers

uk etsy sticker haul

I somehow managed to stumble across the whole planning community on YT and I was astounded. Seriously, who knew that there's a whole community based on making your planner pretty and going crazy over little stickers to denote mundane everyday tasks to make them more fun? 

I was initially sceptical but then I became obsessed. 

I'm not going to lie, I'm perfectly happy wasting away a good half hour watching someone fill out their planner for the upcoming week - honestly, give it a try - it's so therapeutic!

I dithered around for at least a month, debating whether to indulge myself in purchasing some stickers - but then I convinced myself that 'planning' with stickers is essentially crafting which makes it a legit hobby, right?! 

After that realisation I went a bit crazy and ordered a boat load of stickers after painstakingly watching approx a hundred YT sticker hauls and making a list of the most common etsy stores that people use. So I thought I'd do a little sticker haul post sharing my goodies :)

etsy planner sticker haul elliebethdesigns uk

EllieBeth Designs UK - this is the only UK based etsy store that I found to sell planner stickers - which means that shipping is so much cheaper than from US-based stores (it's crippling from them, I have to avoid looking at the cost!). I love her shop for the 'basic' stickers - the monthly kits, to do lists, banners, budgeting kits and every day stickers (like for chores, bin collection etc.). Her stickers are good quality and she offers a wide variety of stickers for a UK shop - I've already placed about three orders from her!

etsy planner sticker haul it's planning time

Its Planning Time: I found this shop when I was trawling through etsy trying to find some science stickers (to denote where I was working) and these lab coat (for when I'm actually in the lab) and syringe ones (for when I'm out running clinics out in the community) were perfect and by far the cutest ones I could find! I then looked through her other sticker offerings and ended up adding far too many to my cart, I had to limit myself! These stickers are great quality, have some really unique designs and the little handwritten thank you note was such a sweet tough! Again I've already placed an order for some more lab coat stickers, plus some other sheets that may have jumped into my cart when I wasn't looking!

etsy planner sticker haul oh hello stationery co

Oh Hello Stationery Co: It was Kayla's Plan With Me videos that really got me obsessed with planning! Her stickers are of incredible quality and she has such a massive selection - it would honestly be my one stop shop for stickers if I was in the US or I had the patience to wait for shipping! Her package stickers are my favourite - they're the perfect size! Plus her make up brush ones are also super cute! I made a rookie error and ordered her May monthly kit about halfway through May so sadly they didn't get to me in time to use for that month (I forgot to factor the shipping time, duh!) and I so regret it! Her stickers are definitely some of my faves in terms of quality!

etsy planner sticker haul sweet kawaii design

Sweet Kawaii Design: - oh, this shop is just all of the cuteness! I am in love with all of her designs - I love how fun they make your weekly spread look! I love using these kawaii stickers for the more fun things I have to do in a week - like plan, watch a specific TV show and write blog posts! Plus the student loan due and phone bill due stickers definitely make bill paying a more fun event! I really like how a few of these cute stickers sprinkled throughout the spread look - they just make me smile! Plus Tesia is super-fast at processing your orders and getting them ready for dispatch - I really love that about this shop!

etsy planner sticker haul the alex studio

The Alex Studio: If you ask me these tassel banner stickers are quite iconic really so I had to grab some for my planner! I love how original her sticker designs are - she has some really unique stickers, like these mason jars - I'm obsessed! I purchased a pretty random selection of stickers from this shop but I mean mason jars and science stickers? Could they be more appropriate for me!? I definitely need to explore this shop more because it's one of the most mentioned on YT - for good reason, because the stickers are great quality too!

Side note: with all of my orders from America-based etsy shops shipping took approximately two weeks and I haven't had to pay any customs fees when they got here :)

Well, I hope that this post hasn't enabled you too much to go and purchase all of the planner stickers from etsy! But seriously, I've already got a tab open and have been adding to my cart whilst writing this post - oops!