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Space.NK Beauty Box: The First Edition

I finally caved and jumped on the whole 'beauty box' bandwagon - yes it has taken me a while, but even I couldn't resist the spectacular offer of the space.NK Beauty Box!

Whilst I was on my break from clinic last week I was perusing twitter (as you do) and came across some tweets about the space.NK Beauty Box First Edition - I was obviously intrigued so clicked over to their site, glanced at the contents of the box, felt my heart flutter (not even joking!) and immediately messaged my mum (she's a beauty obsessive like I am!) to let her know.

Well, I say I let her know - the conversation went more like this:

me: Ma, look there's a space.NK beauty box - do we want it?
her: yes
me: it's £60 for £175 worth of products
her: yes
me: but do we really need it?

So I did. I don't think that I've ever added something to my cart and checked out so fast (ever thankful for 3G that actually cooperates too!)! Not that I really needed that much persuading!

It was lucky that I spied it on my break because when I got home from work that night I went online to show mum what was included in the box and found that it was completely sold out! Good grief, us beauty junkies don't half work fast!

A couple of days later (amazing service from space.NK there, I would have had it the next day except that I missed the postman and got one of those incredibly annoying 'we missed you' notes through the door so I had to wait another day!) the box of amazing-ness arrived.

Ma and I gathered around, excitedly grinning away as we tore open the packaging - I swear that I heard a choir of angels singing as we opened the lilac treasure chest! We scrambled around grabbing at all of the luxury samples, exclaiming and shoving what we found in each others hands!

When we'd calmed down to take a proper inventory we realised that we'd definitely hit the beauty box jackpot - the range of luxury products that we now get to try out is incredible!

Into the nitty gritty of the box's contents, prepare yourselves because it's a doozy!:
  • ALGENIST: genius ulitmate anti-aging cream - 15ml (RRP £85 for 60ml)
  • AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES: inner strength bath & shower oil - 7.5ml (RRP £45 for 55ml)
  • CAUDALIE: divine oil - 15ml (RRP £17.50 for 50ml)
  • DIPTYQUE: baies candle - 70g (RRP £20 for 70g)
  • EVE LOM: cleanser with muslin cloth - 20ml (RRP £40 for 50ml)
  • MALIN + GOETZ: vitamin B5 body moisturizer - 29ml (RRP £29.50 for 220ml)
  • MARGARET DABBS: intensive treatment foot oil - 30ml (RRP £22 for 100ml)
  • NUDE: progenius treatment oil - 5ml (RRP £58 for 30ml)
  • ORIBE: gold lust nourishing hair oil - 50ml (RRP £32 for 50ml)
  • SARAH CHAPMAN: skinesis overnight facial - 5ml (RRP £46 for 15ml)
  • SUNDAY RILEY: good genes treatment  (RRP £85 for 30ml)

Phew! Quite the haul there, right?! 

I'm pretty impressed with how generous most of these samples are, especially with the Diptque candle and Oribe hair oil being full sizes - just those two products alone are worth £52! I'm looking forward to trying out all of these products (especially the cleanser and good genes treatment, I've had those two on my beauty wish list for a while now!), although I'm not looking forward to what happens when I love the product and finish the sample because some of these are quite pricey!

All in all, if you're a space.NK junkie like I (and my mum) are then you would love this box - I'm sorry to be teasing you seeing as it's sold out now! 

But, keep an eye out (I know I'll be stalking their their social media!)  - either sign up to their newsletter or follow them on their instagram or twitter to be kept in the know when they release another box.

I've got my fingers crossed that it wont be too long before they release a Second Edition seeing as how well this First Edition was received!

*the space.NK Beauty Box First Edition was purchased with my own money, none of the links included in this post are paid. This post is not sponsored.