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Just Relaxin' In The Tub

My favourite thing to do when I eventually get home after a long shift in the lab is to immerse myself in a steaming hot bath and either read a couple of chapters of my book (currently I'm into the Heather Wells series by Meg Cabot - I used to love her YA books when I was a tween!) or watch a couple of episodes of the whatever tv I'm currently binge-watching (I'm working my way through Gilmore Girls and loving it!). I find that taking a leaf out of the Roman's book and treating bathing as a hedonistic ritual is the perfect way to relax and just let all of the stress of work (or school/college) dissolve away.

After extensive trials I think that I've finally narrowed down my top three favourite bath time relaxation products and I thought I'd save y'all the searching and share them...

Laura Mercier Honey Bath - I limit my usage of this to only when I've had an absolutely horrendous day, nothing has gone right and I'm feeling super stressed - I use this as a little treat for myself for powering through and it just adds a bit of luxury to the end of a hard day. The smell of just a little twirl (with the handy dandy honey stick) of this completely fills the bathroom with the wonderful distinctive Laura Mercier scents and lingers on your super softened skin for ages after. I'm not going to try and sugar coat it, the Honey Bath is definitely pricey (at around £30-ish) but what I like to do is stock up on the Laura Mercier gift sets in the Boxing Days sales (my top picks are Space.NK, Selfridges or John Lewis for the best deals), that way I feel a lot less guilty!

Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oil - These are another luxury product but sometimes the luxury items are the only way to go when you want to pamper yourself (as much as my bank balance ends up hating me for it!). I like to use just a couple of drops of these precious elixirs into a huge bath of hot water and spend a weekend morning soaking away my troubles of the past week. If you ask me all of these beauties smell incredible and I can't pick a favourite - that's why I like these gift sets, they allow me to pick whichever oil I fancy that day based on my mood - it makes for a great weekend ritual. 

Neal's Yard Lavender Bath Salts - Oh my goodness, these little crystals back quite a punch! When I tried this the first time I honestly could barely get up out of the bath, all of my muscles had practically turned to jelly and I was so tired I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow after I'd stumbled to bed! I couldn't believe it so I made Ma try it the next night as she felt exactly the same! These are obviously magic bath salts that are the perfect way to de-stress if you've had a long day and your muscles and mind are exhausted. I use them far too often as they ensure a great nights sleep (especially when paired with a lavender pillow mist, like the 'this works' one) and me waking up feeling super refreshed and ready to face the day! 

What are your favourite relaxation bath time products? I'm always up for hearing some new suggestions.