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The Epitome of Fall in a Candle - Bath and Body Works Sweater Weather {Review}...

The Epitome of Fall in a Candle - Bath and Body Works Sweater Weather {Review}...

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for candles - especially Bath & Body Works candles! 

My obsession with Bath & Body Works candles and the incredible pay off of their innovative scents is one that my bank balance absolutely abhors considering that I live in England and therefore end up paying extortionate ebay prices in order to feed my B&BW obsession but heyho #sorrynotsorry :P

Anyway, onto the point of this post - 

When asked what is the epitome of fall in a candle I'm sure that most people would split themselves into one of two categories - those who like to make their room to smell like a sugar factory or those who like their room to smell like the great outdoors (that musky, woody scent - think Amercrombie & Fitch models :P)

I myself fall into the latter category - any time of the year will see me sniffing and sighing over those candles that smell like 'man' - musky, warm, unisex scents that are just so delicious!

When I was perusing ebay's selection of Bath and Body Works candles (which I do embarrassingly often) I spied that the latest drop of new scents were available - after clicking over to some reviews of their new offerings (yep, there are blogs dedicated to reviewing candles - who knew that was a thing?!) as soon I as I read about 'Sweater Weather' I knew it had to me mine.

Can we talk about appearances first off -  the packaging adds a lovely seasonal touch to my bedside cabinet and can we talk about the name? It's so tumblr it hurts, I love it!

But the scent is what really has me raving about this candle enough to warrant writing a whole post dedicated to it. 

It's officially described as "cuddle up with an aromatic blend of eucalyptus, juniper berry and fresh sage that celebrates the arrival of crisp autumn breeze" - which, if you ask me, is a tad vague in terms of note description - a simpler description would be "fall...in a candle". I'm not even kidding.

Most die-hard Bath & Body Works lovers will gasp in horror at another candle surpassing the much raved over 'Leaves' as the most fall-like scent but there's just something about 'Sweater Weather' that has captured every beautiful aspect of early autumn (or fall - whatever floats your boat!) - the crisp coolness entering the air thanks to the eucalyptus mint (that lingers around for ages by the way, very nice!), the sweet apple makes the candle very fresh (because life starts all over again in the fall, right?!) and the almost smokey/woody undertone adds a lovely warmth to this fragrance (plus it adds that manly scent that I just can't get enough off!).

To me, 'Sweater Weather' is literally the epitome of fall - it's my new obsession and it has definitely gotten me in the mood for autumn and made me less sad about saying goodbye to summer!

Are you as obsessed with candles as I am? 
What're your fave autumn/fall scents?

My Week In Pictures #90...

My Week In Pictures #90...

Hey everyone

First off, I'd like to congratulate myself on the fact that this week's MWIP is just a singular one - well done me for not missing a week of posting!

This week has been full of me driving all over the county for my clinic training - I'm kind of over it now haha!

My new fave outfit for work is black jeggings, a classic white shirt and some fun shoes - these patent bow ones are so cute!

I had a super sucky time one day last week - I got super stressed out so my Nam surprised me with a cute plant and card to cheer me up!

Nam and I spent Saturday morning taking Little Prin on a walk around my alma mater's (love:Keele!) campus - it was so lovely to be back there! Plus, if you ask me, Keele is the perfect place to see the seasons changing and autumn is my favourite there - the colours of the trees compared to the lawns I are just stunning!

I finally (after a couple of months of procrastinating - oops!) filled my photo frame collage with photos of the bf and I from the past 6 years - I love how it turned out, it really has personalised my room!

To get me through the mid-point of a crazy week, I treated myself to a San Pellegrino Limonata - so good!

I decided to attempt to make my outfits more fall appropriate by incorporating my new leopard print flats into my work wardrobe rotation - I love them; why I put off buying them for so long is beyond me! - also, this is what happens whenever I try to take an outfit shot - Little Prin always has to get involved!

H&M Autumn 2014 Edit...

H&M Autumn 2014 Edit...

Hey everyone

When the new H&M promo magazine dropped through my letter box last week I will admit that I immediately picked it to flick through as I was drinking my jar of tea that morning but instead of just flicking through, I got completely sucked into their autumn offerings this year and found myself wanting at least two items off each page!

So naturally, I turned to their website and, totally truthfully, have been stalking their site every day or so since to see their new arrivals - and my wishlist has just kept on growing and growing!

In the spirit of H&M obviously killing it this autumn I thought I'd let y'all know about it and share my fave picks (so far!) from their new collection...
H&M Autumn 2014

How J.Crew-esque are these {bejewelled chambray} and  {bejewelled sweater}? I don't think that I've ever added anything to my online basket so fast!

Flannel shirts are my go-to in the autumn and I'm always looking to expand my collection - I've been looking for a green one like {this} and {this} black/white one seems like it's a basic I should already have in my wardrobe!

I featured {these boots} in my {Fall Footwear Favourites} post and I still can't get them off my mind - they're just too cute!

I'm very intrigued by the twist on basic black flats that H&M have done with {these} - the clear heel just adds something quirky to a 'boring' shoe choice.

I'm loving the mint green of {this clutch} - it would be fun to style for the winter, I think!

My statement necklace collection (perfect for dressing up a basic tee for work I have found lately!) is definitely lacking some pearls like {this one}.

Now, I'm a serious hat person - {this cable knit bobble hat} is too preppy to pass up and I've been wanting to add a grey felt hat like {this one} to my collection this upcoming season and this one is super affordable and good enough quality!

There's something about {this card case} that is too chic to pass up - perfect for grabbin and running out of the door with!

Who knew that H&M did stationery? I certainly didn't! Admittedly there's only a smattering of stationery but they're all super cute - like {this notebook} - perfect for all things blog-related perhaps?


MWIP #88 + #89...

MWIP #88 + #89...

Hey everyone

I've got another double helping of My Week In Pictures post for y'all today - I hate that I'm not managing to stick to my regular posting schedule but I'm just finding it so hard to dedicate enough time to my blog now that I'm working full time and it's made me sort of disgruntled with my blog - but fear not, I've got something up my sleeve for the not to distant future that I hope will sort my blogging mojo out!

Aside from work these past two weeks have been filled with quite a lot of fun stuff (I was surprised when I was collating the photos for this post, the two weeks absolutely flew by and I didn't realise that they were so packed!) - lots of shopping (shout out to Primarni for my new necklace, slippers and bedding!), the discovery of an incredibly amazing Parisian cafe (the crepes, macarons and baguettes were so authentic and delicious! - funny story: I went one Saturday with Ma and then I took Nam there the next Saturday - I'm obsessed!).

My favourite part of the past two weeks was definitely a date night with the bf - we went to a new Italian restaurant (which was so good! It's our new fave place to go out to eat!) on a Friday night (!!!) - it's so rare that the bf has a Friday night off so it was lovely to spend it together and have a 'proper' date!

In other news I was evidently liking my outfit choices these past two weeks - one preppy and one, dare I say it, city chic? Haha!

Random updates // my new iPhone and iPad cases are just so cute (I love them!), this week's work-appropriate mani is c/o OPI's My Pointe Exactly (the most perfect grey ever!), I finally talked myself into purchasing a lantern for my room (it's completely my vanity perfectly!)

In the world of Little Prin she has been loving her new bandanas (we've discovered that dribble bibs are the perfect size for her!) and she has been thoroughly enjoying her evening walks - autumn evenings are my favourite!

Fall Footwear Favourites...

Fall Footwear Favourites...

Hey everyone

Now that it has started to feel decidedly more autumnal here, I feel like it is completely justifiable for me to start seriously looking to add some fall-like pieces to my wardrobe - right?

I'm a sucker for shoes so that's always where I start when I want to change up my wardrobe so here are my top picks that I'm eyeing to make my footwear more autumn appropriate...

The statement booties, the neutral ankle boots, the chelsea boots, the wellibobs, the leopard flats, the leather loafers, the riding boots.

fall/autumn footwear picks

True Story // I splurged on both a brown and a black pair of riding boots for this season - after completely wearing down my brown boots in the past couple of years I decided that it was justifiable to get both pairs - they were on sale, it was obviously fate haha!

What are your favourite picks for fall footwear?