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Model's Own Polish For Tan's...

Model's Own Polish For Tan's...

I'm a sucker for a new nail polish collection. Seriously, it's a problem for my bank balance! And in the summer, I'm all about the bright neon colours. Enter the new {Models Own} Polish For Tans collection - how perfect do they sound for summer?!

The collection is  selection of five neon (like seriously bright neon!) polishes that already have a white base coat incorporated into their formulation - how irritating is it when you want to wear a neon but you have to use a white base coat to make the colour really pop? It brings in the whole debate over the search for the perfect white polish that is opaque in one coat (if you know of one then please let me know!) which is still elusive for me! Anyway, back onto the Polish For Tans Collection - their formula is branded as one that will make you look more tanned - isn't that the aim of every girl for the summer?!

And to be honest - I was initially very sceptical of the whole "they will make you look more tanned" claim but when I finally got my hands on the collection and managed to swatch them, I literally couldn't believe my eyes! They really did make me look more tanned. Now, being the scientist that I am, I couldn't just trust my own judgement, I could just be tricking myself into thinking that they made me look more tanned, so I tested the hypothesis out on the bf. I painted the nails on one of my hands with the Polish For Tans collection and left the other hand bare and went to ask the bf for his unbiased opinion by asking "does one of my hands look different?" and his response was "yeh that one [pointing at the hand with the Polish For Tans swatches on] looks more tanned than the other" - I'd say that that was a success then! Well done, Models Own - these polishes really do make me look more tanned!

Anyway, onto the polishes themselves...

model's own polish for tan's

R-L // Bikini - Flip Flop - Shades - Sun Hat - Beach Bag

model's own polish for tan's

Bikini is one of the most perfect yellow polishes I've ever come across - I often find that yellow polishes have a tendency to make skin look quite shallow and nails in a bad condition but this polish is a true highlighter yellow that actually looks like it does in bottle when it's on the nails 

I'm a sucker for a green polish - there's just something about it that makes me smile - and Flip Flop is a true neon green - more on the yellow-y side than the blue side - it reminds me of the colour of a tennis ball in some lights haha!

Shades is a really bright coral - very summery, if you ask me it would look perfect with a cornflower blue :)

Ma has already stolen Sun Hat and claimed it as her own for the whole of the summer - she is a sucker for a bubblegum Barbie-esque pink, the brighter the better, and this polish is just that! It's almost eye squintingly bright - but that's what makes it so perfect!

Beach Bag is a neon peach - which in itself confuses me a little, I wouldn't really class peach as a neon colour but Beach Bag is a true neon peach! I really love it - I think that it's such an unusual colour!

In terms of formulation and lasting power - I've found that all of these polishes are opaque in two coats, one at a serious push, but I was a tad disappointed with their lasting power. For me they only lasted three-ish days - but I think I've spoilt myself by solely using the Barry M Gelly polishes for a while which last for at least a week!

I've taken these polishes away with me on my summer vacation - I think they are going to b super cute in the Egyptian sunshine!

Have you tried the Models Own Polish For Tans?
What did you think?

My In Flight Beauty Essentials...

My In Flight Beauty Essentials...

in flight beauty essentials

I've just flown to Egypt - that's four hours on a plane - and my limit without needing any beauty essentials is two hours. Anything more than two hours and I get uncomfortable if I can't freshen up - flying just makes me feel so gross and eugh

I rely on a little set of in flight beauty essentials to keep me feeling fresh and like myself when I fly, here's what they are...

in flight beauty essentials

Hand Wipes // because airports and planes are just nasty germy places

Facial Cleansing Wipes // make up can feel really claustrophobic when you're on a plane so I like to have these so I can just freshen up and let my skin breathe a bit more

Perfume // I hate the smell of plane food so as soon as they start bringing it out I re-apply my perfume to try and distract myself from the smell!

Facial Moisturiser // my skin gets incredibly dry when I'm on a flight so I like to keep it moisturised to try to prevent my skin from freaking out when I get to my destination

Hand Cream // just like my face, my hands get super dry - plus putting hand cream on can distract me if I'm feeling a bit sickly (I'm not the best flier)

Eye Drops // I wear contact lenses so my eyes are pretty dry anyway, add in the super powerful aeroplane air recycling system and my eyes end up feeling like the Sahara - eye drops are non negotiable!

Lip Balm // always a necessity no matter the situation, haha!

Nail File // if my nail breaks then I will just tear at it and basically destroy my nails - not very nice for when I'm on holiday! So if I can get in there quick and file the breakage away then that whole situation is avoided :)

Deodorant // flights and airports are stressful so things can get a little like perspiration central - deodorant is absolutely necessary.

I'd love to know what your in flight beauty essentials are - lemme know in the comments?

What's In My Carry On...

What's In My Carry On...

As you read this I will be sat by the pool, sipping on a diet coke in Egypt! I'm lucky enough to be spending two weeks in the sunshine with Ma and my bestie and her family. 

The only sucky thing is that I shall be leaving the bf for two whole weeks - I don't know how all of you in long distance relationships manage it! I've been tearing up all week just thinking about leaving him for fourteen nights!

Anyway, in today's post I'm going to be sharing what's in my carry on - aka all of the things that I absolutely cannot be without when I'm on a plane...

what's in my carry on bag

I'm using my Longchamp (large Le Pliage in navy) as my carry on bag - it's so light but fits literally everything (bar the kitchen sink :P) in!

Book // I'm listening to Divergent on audible and I like to read along with the audiobook :)

Jewellery // I hate the thought of losing my jewellery so I like to keep it with me at all times

Chargers // a absolute necessity - as is my iPhone charger case because my poor little phone will be exhausted after all its use in the airport!

Kindle // I am a bookworm and although I love reading physical books I find that ebooks are so much better for travelling - I've loaded my Kindle up with around 30 books so that should keep me busy for the next fortnight! side note: a summer reading list of all the books I shall be reading whilst on holiday will be up next week!

Notebook & Pen // you just never know when inspiration might strike and physically writing something down is so much more satisfying than making a note on your iPhone

Make Up Bag // another thing that I would be devastated to not have with me if my case got lost!

Earphones // absolutely necessary so that you aren't 'that' person in the airport who thinks that everyone wants to listen to their bad taste in music

Liquids Bag // basically all of my in flight essentials (a post on which will be coming later on this week!) and any make up item that is a liquid or a cream!

Tissues // because I'm bound to have a nosebleed on the aeroplane if I don't have them!

Travel Pillow & Eye Mask // to at least try to sleep on the flight (I don't know why I'm bothering because I can never sleep on a plane!)

Spirit Jersey // I always like to have an extra layer with me because aeroplanes are always so chilly!

Handbag // I'm using my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac to keep all of my essentials in - i.e. my iPhone, iPod, wallet, sunglasses and keys - that way I know that they are all together because things can get lost in the Longchamp (it's like a bottomless pit!)

what's in my purse

large navy longchamp le pliage

So that's me - off on my jollys!

I've got some posts scheduled for whilst I'm away so I shall talk to y'all when I get back!

{Review} Shop Memento - Spirit Jersey...

{Review} Shop Memento - Spirit Jersey...

Today I'm going to be sharing a review of one of my most favourite online stores - {Shop Memento}. 
They are my go to for all of my monogrammed apparel needs because they actually ship internationally! This is a rarity because most monogram boutique don't ship outside the US which upsets me greatly! But luckily Shop Memento has every possible monogrammed clothing possible so it manages to satisfy my monogram needs perfectly!

I'd had my eye on {Shop Momento} for a good few months and when I spotted that they were running a photo-a-day competition on {their instagram} I couldn't resist entering!

I was so incredibly surprised when I was one of the winners!

The ladies at Shop Memento were lovely enough to give all of the winners a $50 gift card (!!) and I knew exactly what I was going to spend mine on - a Spirit Jersey! 

I'd been lusting after a spirit jersey for honestly months but never got around to ordering one because I just wasn't sure how much wear I would get out of one to justify the price (how wrong could I have been?!) so that was straight into my basket once I'd gotten the gift card code!

I had been stalking the Shop Memento site for months so knew exactly what spirit jersey and monogram colour combination that I wanted (I honestly don't think that I've ever checked out of a site so fast - I was that excited!) - I ended up ordering the {Shop Memento Football Spirit Jersey in Seafoam} with the hot pink monogram (honestly tying to decide which thread colour for my monogram was the most difficult part - Shop Memento have so many to choose from!).

I found the shipping cost to the UK to be very reasonable (around £20) and then I did have to pay some customs fees when it arrived (again around £20).

In terms of shipping time to the UK it was exactly as I expected - it took approximately a month to arrive (the longest month ever - I was on first name terms with the postman after badgering him every day for my package, haha!) but when it did arrive my order was in perfect packaging condition so I was very pleased with their international shipping service.

Enough of me blabbering on now, here's some shots of my beautiful spirit jersey...

shop momento football spirit jersey review

The quality of the spirit jersey is very nice - just what I expected seeing as the spirit jersey itself is sourced from the {original spirit jersey company} - and the monogram stitching is perfect - no loose threads and it looks like it's going to last forever!

Whilst I was ordering from Shop Memento, I couldn't resist popping my first Lilly Pulitzer item in my cart too (yes, Shop Memento stock some {Lilly items} too!) - I went for the croakies in 'Lobstah Roll' - good lord I just cannot get enough of this print, it's just too perfect!

I couldn't be happier with my experience of ordering from Shop Memento - the cost, shipping and packaging was very reasonable and the customer service from the lovely ladies at Shop Memento was impeccable (the site wouldn't let me select international shipping so after my order was completed and ready to be shipped a quick email conversation and a paypal invoice later and my order was shipped that same day!).

Thank you so much, Shop Memento, for the $50 gift voucher prize - I couldn't love my spirit jersey any more!

I would not hesitate to order from {Shop Momento} again - in fact I think I'm going to be placing an order in the not too distant future for another spirit jersey seeing as there barely has been a day since I received this one that I haven't worn it! It's a tough choice between the {hot pink} or the {turquoise}!

MWIP: 73/104...

MWIP: 73/104...

This week, my second week of summer break (already!), has been so much fun! It was great to have some time and finally chill after all of the stresses of final year have gone!

Here's what I got up to, I...

...spent lots of time planning blog posts to keep my blog ticking over whilst I'm on my vacation for the next two weeks!
...had our first barbecue of the year!
...decided to take a leaf out of Carly's (from the {CollegePrepster}) and take the time to incorporate a walk with my puppy into my daily routine - it's so much fun to see how much Prin enjoys herself!
...couldn't get enough of blogging in front of open windows - the weather has been so perfect!
...loved watching all of the flowers bloom in my Nam's garden
...got slightly over-excited when I realised that it was still light at 9pm a night - well hello summer!
...accepted the fact that my lemon obsession was in full swing #sorrynotsorry
...added an ice lolly into my day - it just makes me smile!
...caught my little buddy keeping me company whilst I was blogging
...realised that Ma's nail polish perfectly matched the wisteria flowers
...had my first mocha cookie crumble frap of the season - they're my absolute fave!
...couldn't get enough of the skies this week - so beautifully sunny!
...spent lots of time with my ponies - isn't Cannon just so cute?!
...started to work on the invitations for my 21st birthday party - here's a sneak peek!
...couldn't get enuogh of this cute little mush!

I hope y'all had a good week!


Top 5 Tuesday: Summer Beach Reads...

Top 5 Tuesday: Summer Beach Reads...

Hey everyone
Just Peachy

I'm linking up with Rachel from {Just Peachy} today for Top 5 Tuesday

Today I'm going to be sharing my top 5 summer beach reads.

This topic couldn't come at a better time seeing as I have just had a massive purchasing session on amazon for ebooks to load up my Kindle with for my summer holiday (I off to Egypt for two weeks on Friday!!)

Here are my top 5 summer beach reads  that I'm most looking forward to reading this summer...

summer beach reads 2014

The Lunar Chronicles Series by Marissa Meyer

Rules of Summer by Joanna Philbin

Bones are Forever by Kathy Reichs

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Tan Lines by JJ Salem

What are the books that you're going to be reading this summer? 
I'm always looking for book recommendations so please lemme know in the comments!