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The Epitome of Fall in a Candle - Bath and Body Works Sweater Weather {Review}...

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for candles - especially Bath & Body Works candles! 

My obsession with Bath & Body Works candles and the incredible pay off of their innovative scents is one that my bank balance absolutely abhors considering that I live in England and therefore end up paying extortionate ebay prices in order to feed my B&BW obsession but heyho #sorrynotsorry :P

Anyway, onto the point of this post - 

When asked what is the epitome of fall in a candle I'm sure that most people would split themselves into one of two categories - those who like to make their room to smell like a sugar factory or those who like their room to smell like the great outdoors (that musky, woody scent - think Amercrombie & Fitch models :P)

I myself fall into the latter category - any time of the year will see me sniffing and sighing over those candles that smell like 'man' - musky, warm, unisex scents that are just so delicious!

When I was perusing ebay's selection of Bath and Body Works candles (which I do embarrassingly often) I spied that the latest drop of new scents were available - after clicking over to some reviews of their new offerings (yep, there are blogs dedicated to reviewing candles - who knew that was a thing?!) as soon I as I read about 'Sweater Weather' I knew it had to me mine.

Can we talk about appearances first off -  the packaging adds a lovely seasonal touch to my bedside cabinet and can we talk about the name? It's so tumblr it hurts, I love it!

But the scent is what really has me raving about this candle enough to warrant writing a whole post dedicated to it. 

It's officially described as "cuddle up with an aromatic blend of eucalyptus, juniper berry and fresh sage that celebrates the arrival of crisp autumn breeze" - which, if you ask me, is a tad vague in terms of note description - a simpler description would be "fall...in a candle". I'm not even kidding.

Most die-hard Bath & Body Works lovers will gasp in horror at another candle surpassing the much raved over 'Leaves' as the most fall-like scent but there's just something about 'Sweater Weather' that has captured every beautiful aspect of early autumn (or fall - whatever floats your boat!) - the crisp coolness entering the air thanks to the eucalyptus mint (that lingers around for ages by the way, very nice!), the sweet apple makes the candle very fresh (because life starts all over again in the fall, right?!) and the almost smokey/woody undertone adds a lovely warmth to this fragrance (plus it adds that manly scent that I just can't get enough off!).

To me, 'Sweater Weather' is literally the epitome of fall - it's my new obsession and it has definitely gotten me in the mood for autumn and made me less sad about saying goodbye to summer!

Are you as obsessed with candles as I am? 
What're your fave autumn/fall scents?