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MWIP #88 + #89...

Hey everyone

I've got another double helping of My Week In Pictures post for y'all today - I hate that I'm not managing to stick to my regular posting schedule but I'm just finding it so hard to dedicate enough time to my blog now that I'm working full time and it's made me sort of disgruntled with my blog - but fear not, I've got something up my sleeve for the not to distant future that I hope will sort my blogging mojo out!

Aside from work these past two weeks have been filled with quite a lot of fun stuff (I was surprised when I was collating the photos for this post, the two weeks absolutely flew by and I didn't realise that they were so packed!) - lots of shopping (shout out to Primarni for my new necklace, slippers and bedding!), the discovery of an incredibly amazing Parisian cafe (the crepes, macarons and baguettes were so authentic and delicious! - funny story: I went one Saturday with Ma and then I took Nam there the next Saturday - I'm obsessed!).

My favourite part of the past two weeks was definitely a date night with the bf - we went to a new Italian restaurant (which was so good! It's our new fave place to go out to eat!) on a Friday night (!!!) - it's so rare that the bf has a Friday night off so it was lovely to spend it together and have a 'proper' date!

In other news I was evidently liking my outfit choices these past two weeks - one preppy and one, dare I say it, city chic? Haha!

Random updates // my new iPhone and iPad cases are just so cute (I love them!), this week's work-appropriate mani is c/o OPI's My Pointe Exactly (the most perfect grey ever!), I finally talked myself into purchasing a lantern for my room (it's completely my vanity perfectly!)

In the world of Little Prin she has been loving her new bandanas (we've discovered that dribble bibs are the perfect size for her!) and she has been thoroughly enjoying her evening walks - autumn evenings are my favourite!