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Fall Footwear Favourites...

Hey everyone

Now that it has started to feel decidedly more autumnal here, I feel like it is completely justifiable for me to start seriously looking to add some fall-like pieces to my wardrobe - right?

I'm a sucker for shoes so that's always where I start when I want to change up my wardrobe so here are my top picks that I'm eyeing to make my footwear more autumn appropriate...

The statement booties, the neutral ankle boots, the chelsea boots, the wellibobs, the leopard flats, the leather loafers, the riding boots.

fall/autumn footwear picks

True Story // I splurged on both a brown and a black pair of riding boots for this season - after completely wearing down my brown boots in the past couple of years I decided that it was justifiable to get both pairs - they were on sale, it was obviously fate haha!

What are your favourite picks for fall footwear?



  1. Ohh I like all of these, especially the leopard print flats! xx

  2. Last year I got the same knee high boots in black and brown, they are so lovely and comfortable. I have them ready and polished for the autumn weather but want to add to pair or brown ankle boots to the selection too. Love your picks!

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