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My Week In Pictures #85...

Hey everyone

The bf and I both took this past week off work so we filled it with so much fun! 

So apologies for the excessive amount of pictures in this weeks post but we had a lot of picture-worthy moments!

The bf was kind enough to help me pick the ragwort out of the ponies field - it wasn't exactly a fun start to the holiday week but it needed to be done! Another notable yet slightly sucky moment this week was the fact that I re-bought The Sims (yay!) but it took two days (!!) to download (boo!). 

The major thing that happened this week was when the bf took me to London to do a bit of shopping (macaroons and Victoria's Secret) and lunch (Shake Shack!) before going to see The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour (see my fave shots from the day {here}!) - the Butterbeer was vile but it made for a great photo op! Also the bf and I were so glad that we decided to go first class on the train on the way home, tea and coffee were so welcomed after such a long day!

I also made my first autumn purchases - two new pairs of riding boots!

I also decided to straighten my hair this week - this never happens but I actually really liked it! 

The bf and I finished our awesome week off by going to the cinema to see a movie that the bf had been wanting to watch :)