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My Week In Pictures #83 + #84...

Hey everyone

Today's MWIP post is an extra-long one seeing as I missed posting last week (I had a packed week so blogging ended up having to take a back seat) so I'm squishing in all of last week's goings on along with this week's...

Last week was filed with celebrations - I turned 21 and had a seriously epic birthday party (my Nam managed to host and cater a 30 person dinner party all by herself!) - a whole lot of last week was spent running around getting things ready for my party, that was fuelled by diet coke (obvs) and San Pellegrino Aranciata (perfect for the hot weather we were having!). The highlight of my birthday party was definitely the 14 strong dessert table,that obviously featured a mountain of macaroons

Other notable things that happened last week was that the bf and I visited a farmers market and I got way too overexcited at all of the fresh produce there! Oh, and I got degree certificate through! I guess university is really behind me, for now at least!

This week has been a lot more relaxed than last - mainly because I decided to take the week off from work and spend it with the bf as our summer holiday together! It has been such a luxury to spend mornings in bed with hot tea, chocolate cereal and my blog reading list! The bf and I are also in the process of re-watching all of the Harry Potter films this week in preparation for us going on the Harry Potter Studio Tour on Friday (an incredible 21st birthday surprise from the bf!)! 

The bf and I have a tonne of fun activities planned for our week off, we went to a National Trust site for a fun day out and then we went out for breakfast today (I love having breakfast out, it makes me feel so indulgent!).

To finish this post on a random note - I have managed to infect Ma with the mason jar obsession - we picked up a couple of these mason jars with handles from TK Maxx and we've been loving using them literally all day!