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Harry Potter Studio Tour...

Hey everyone

For my 21st birthday the bf surprised with with a pretty epic present - a trip to London to go and visit The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour - eeep!! 

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and the bf definitely hit it out of the park in terms of picking the perfect gift for my birthday! 

The whole tour was absolutely incredible - we were literally surrounded by all of the Harry Potter props - it was literally as if I was stepping into Hogwarts.

The only word that I can use to describe the experience, and I know that it's cliche, was magical.




Every single part of the tour was awesome - but the thing that absolutely blew the bf and I away was the scale model of Hogwarts. To see all of Hogwarts in all of its glory was just breath-taking. Seeing how all of the areas fit together; the lake house, the tower, the greenhouses - it was beautiful.

I know that I haven't been able to do the pure magic of the tour justice - honestly I'm still having trouble processing it myself - to be immersed in all things Harry Potter for an evening was honestly a dream - I think that 12 year old me would have passed out with excitement, 21 year old me was near doing so too!