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Hey everyone

The bf and I love getting absorbed into a good tv show and I thought I'd share with y'all what we've been watching as of late...

Gilmore Girls // the bf hates watching this with me because it really is the most perfect girly show but I just love it!

Bones // I loved reading the series of books that inspired this TV show and I finally got round to checking out the show - I find that I can't binge watch this show because there's so much going on in each episode but I love watching this show when I want to make my brain work!

Modern Family // the bf and I absolutely love this show! We're binge watching season 1-4 at the moment and every single episode we end up laughing out loud multiple times - it's amazing! 

Orange Is The New Black // the bf and I are planning on starting this series when we've finished Modern Family and before we get our hands on season four of Pretty Little Liars (our absolute fave!)

We're always looking out for new series to get into so lemme know what you've been watching and loving as of late!


  1. I love Gilmore Girls and have started at the begining again recently, I've lost track of all the times I've watched it through! My bf hates it as well! OITNB is on my to-watch list but I'm currently addicted to Scandal, have you seen it? Can't wait for PLL to be available :-)

  2. Hi! Currently watching Dexter on Blu Ray and my Sky planner is full of Kardashians (my guilty pleasure..!)

  3. Gilmore Girls is my favorite show ever!!! I cried when I finished watching it! I love orange is the New Black too and Bones is really good!!!

  4. I have recently been wanting to try 'Orange is the New Black'. I've heard good things. I am a definite 'Game of Thrones' girl so I would definitely trying that out :) Nice post!


  5. I used to watched the Gilmore girls everyday after school with my momma! The last show I binge watched was "dollhouse" it's scifi but really good!


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