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Professional Polishes // nail polishes for the workplace...

Hey everyone

nail polishes for the workplace barry m gelly polishes nude olive lychee almond nails inc porchester swuare dupe

Ever since I stopped biting my nails, I've had my nails painted near enough constantly (if my nails are bare then I end up picking at them and ruining them!) but I started my post-grad job a couple of weeks ago and because I work in a hospital I'm not technically supposed to have my nails painted when I'm in contact with patients (although I really don't understand why because I'm in the lab all day everyday so I don't ever encounter any patients!) - Boo, that means that my {nail polish collection} is just being left on the shelf and taunting me :(

I managed to go about three days in my first week at work without having my nails painted before I realised that I actually had to paint my nails before I completely destroyed them!

So I figured that if I picked a polish colour that wasn't too offensively dissimilar to my natural nail colour (sadly that makes my embarrassingly large collection of blue polishes out of the question) then really what would be the harm?! I turned to my treasure trove of acrylic drawers to find some suitable polishes.

Now, seeing as I work in the labs my hands and nails get pretty battered - I spend my days over-washing my hands, picking labels off sample, staining slides, etc. -  I figured that a gel polish would be the way to go, so of course I turned to my absolute favourite nail polish formulation - the Barry M Gelly Polishes

I searched through my stash and found that there are three of the Barry M Gelly Polishes that are inoffensive and natural-looking - Lychee, Olive and Almond.

barry m gelly polishes nude lychee almond olive

Almond // oh this colour is just so gorgeous - it's a beige/grey/lavender that is my go-to at the moment! Also, fun fact: I was only saying to Ma that this shade reminded me of her fave polish {Nails Inc. Porchester Square} and then the next day I saw Vivianna's {post} on how similar the two shades were! Great minds, eh?!

Olive // this is a far less green than the name suggests - its a green-ish toned nude that looks great when I have a little bit of tan (albeit a fake one!)

Lychee // this is my perfect nude colour - it's the perfect mix of pinky/nude for my skin tone

barry m almond gelly polish nails inc porchester square dupe

For the last week and a half I've had Almond on my nails and I'm about to re-do my nails for the third time with it for my next week of work! - I just can't get enough of it!

What are your fave nude polishes? - because I'm feeling that I'm going to tire of these three options in the not too distant future!