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Primark Perfume // Polka & He Loves Me...

Hey everyone

As I was strolling around Primarni last week I stumbled across these two perfumes in their beauty sections - who knew that Primark even did perfumes? Am I just super late to the party on this one (probably!)? 

I gave them both a quick sniff from the testers and was pleasantly surprise - at first sniff they both smelled really nice so I then I had to decided which one I was going to take home with me to try (although for the price I really could have bought both in their full sizes and it wouldn't have broken the bank - they're both just £6 each!) but then I spied the roller ball versions and since I'm a sucker for a roller ball perfume, I decided to pick up the roller ball versions of the two perfumes on offer...

...Polka and He Loves Me - both of which were an absolute steal at just £2! 

I figured that even if both of them smelled like fermented acid (spoiler // they don't - thankfully!) then it wasn't really the end of the world!

He Loves Me // I'm not going to lie, the packaging is what first drew me to this one (Marc Jacobs Daisy, anyone?) but the smell is just a lovely as the bottle! To me, it smells very light and fresh but still very focused on the floral side of things without being gramdma-esque. It's a great unassuming day fragrance - one that you could spritz on before you head out the door and you wouldn't have to worry about  the scent choking the person you stand next to on your commute (always a plus point when shopping for perfumes I think :P). I'm a big fan - and considering I'm usually not a lover of floral perfumes that's high praise!

Polka //apparently this is a potential dupe for Paco Rabanne's Lady Million - not that I've ever smelled Lady Million so I can't comment on that comparison. Plus, if you ask me the packaging is a slight nod to Marc Jacobs Dot. But anyway, what I can say for sure is that this scent is seriously yummy! It's right up my fragrance street seeing as it is really clean smelling, a smidge musky without being too heavy, a tad spicy (oo-err), definitely faintly citrus-y (I'm thinking grapefruit) with just a teensy hint of floral to keep things feminine and not too unisex. This one smells a lot more night-time appropriate for me compared to He Loves Me. Another big thumbs up from me!

I was really pleasantly surprised with how much I liked both of these Primark perfume offerings (plus the lasting power of both of them is actually very impressive - I could still smell them as I changed out of my lab coat as I was leaving work!) and whilst they wont be knocking off my Benefit Ring My Bella or Chanel Chance Eau Tendre from the top spots of my perfume faves these two will definitely go into my daily rotation of 'everyday' fragrances. 

Well done Primarni - I shall be making a beeline to their beauty section to try out some of their other perfumer offerings next time I pop in!