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My Week In Pictures #81...

Hey everyone

This week has literally zoomed by - I swear that I blinked on Monday morning and when I opened my eyes again and then it was Friday! Not that I'm complaining :P

my week in pictures

Somehow, despite how fast this week went!, I managed to pack it chock full of fun stuff (maybe that's why it went by so fast!) - I managed to capture a couple of the beautiful sunsets this week (I love spending summer evenings sitting in the garden!). I realised how precious the time I spend with my ponies each night on the way home from work (I miss them so much!)! 

The end of this week was kinda sucky - I think I got over-tired and stressed 

I've had such a lovely week with the bf - he's been on 10-6's so we've been able to spend most evenings together and had some lovely dates; I dragged him to watch the latest musical production at my old high school (Busgy Malone - it was such a good show!) and then we spent Saturday shopping and then finished off the day with pizza and going to the cinema :)