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Graduation Outfits...

Hey everyone

I'm going to be graduating next week (woah, that has come around fast!) so I'm in the throes of finalising my outfit choices for the big day - being completely honest I've somehow ended up with four choices of graduation dresses. Yep, four.

Two of my choices are navy (you just can't go wrong with navy - expect perhaps when it's paired with black - which is the colour of my gown ergo I'm leaning away from navy) and two are yellow.

Now, I understand how yellow seems like a pretty unusual colour for a graduation dress but hear me out - there is method to my madness...

I watched the 2013 winter graduation live stream (yep, I was that sad!) and saw this one girl who had coordinated the colour of her red Masters hood with her red dress and she looked so stunning.

So I decided to do the same - the hood for Bachelors degrees at my uni is yellow so I thought I'd try to find a yellow dress to wear.

Given that my ceremony is for summer graduation I think that a yellow dress wont look out of place - it'll hopefully look really cute and summery :)

Anyway - I've decided that because I'm going for such a bright colour I wanted the cut of the dress to be pretty classic (plus, these grad photos are going to be around for ages so I don't want them to date!) - here are my top three picks...

graduation dresses summer 2014
dresses // {1} {2} {3}
shoes // {1} {2} {3}

The obvious choice of footwear for me was a classic nude patent - be it flats or heels I've not decided yet; I think I'm going to go for the middle ground and go for a mid heel - the perfect trade off for being on my feet all day and giving me some much needed extra height!

What did you wear for your graduation? 
What are you planning on wearing for your graduation?


  1. Dress 2 and Shoe 1 gets my vote! hope you have a lovely day!

  2. I love a good yellow dress, it's a great idea! I never made it to my graduation as I moved away from my uni but hopefully I will get a proper graduation one day! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. I love the first one!! And obviously I love the high heels ;) I see the need for comfort though, mid heel is probably the best choice :)

  4. My pick is dress number one with the mid height heel! You're so bold to wear yellow I can't wait to see pictures!

    Please check out my blog!
    xo, Michaela

  5. They're all so lovely, I'd have a tough choice! But number 2 is nice length, and number 2 heels are gorgeous, though I imagine number 1 would be more comfortable!

    I hope you enjoy graduation! I can't believe I've only got a year left at Keele :(



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