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Graduation Day...

Hey everyone

Last Wednesday was a pretty big day for me - I graduated university!

After three (super fast!) years of hard work but lots of fun, I finished my Applied Biomedical Science degree!

Graduation Day was such an amazing day - it was the perfect celebration to close off the university chapter of my life.

It was a really chilled day spent with my family and my uni buddies and their families that make me so proud of my accomplishments at uni.

I was super lucky to have my grad ceremony as the first one of the day at 10:15 am which meant that I was able to get my ceremony tickets, pick up my gown etc. and have my professional photos taken all super easily and quickly (without crazy queuing!) before campus got really busy with all of the other grads!

Speaking of photographs - I went on a bit of a photography spree around campus - I took far too many but I decided that it was better to have too many to choose from rather than just taking a few and ending up hating all of them!

My poor mum was my chief photographer and she did so well (usually photography isn't her strong point, usually there's a lot of pictures of shoes and floor when she's in charge of the camera!) - she got all of the shots that I wanted and managed to capture the moment of the day completely perfectly!

Here's a tip - make sure that you plan out where you want to have graduation pictures taken around campus (for me because Keele campus is just so pretty everywhere, there are lots more places that I would have love to have had pictures taken (especially the woods and the clock tower!) but there just wasn't time (plus after traipsing all over campus my feet were seriously complainig!) and leave plenty of time for photo taking - that way you'll have the prettiest back drops for your photos and you wont feel rushed :)

These are definitely some of my most favourite shots of the day...

keele graduation

keele graduation

keele graduation

keele graduation

keele graduation

keele graduation

After the ceremony we headed to a drinks reception at my School so I could be presented with my Certificate of Competence from placement last summer and then strolled around to Keele Hall for a spot of afternoon tea!

I'm so glad that I decided to have afternoon tea in the Hall - I figured that after spending three years at uni I figured that I couldn't leave without setting foot into Keele Hall - it's such a stunning building from the outside and the inside didn't disappoint me, it was so grand!

keele graduation afternoon tea at keele hall

We reluctantly left campus in the late afternoon (the whole atmosphere on campus was so happy and celebratory, we didn't want to leave!) and headed home for some downtime before going out for a meal in the evening.

We just went to a local pub for our evening meal - they had decorated the table with 'congratulations' banners and balloon and even brought me a fancy smancy cocktail! - the food was so yummy!

To finish off the meal we all forgo-ed pudding in favour of this incredible graduation cake that Ma had had made for me! Isn't it so amazing?! It even has a Keele squirrel and scarf on it!

keele university graduation cake

So that was my graduation day - it was honestly one of the most perfect days of my life. I felt so proud to have gotten through uni and so thankful to my family for supporting me and happy to see them share in my success.

One of the things that suprised me the most - I was a little tearful when I was sat in the chapel at the start of the graduation ceremony when the Vice Chancellor was giving his speech - Keele University is such a friendly campus, when you're in the Keele Bubble you honestly feel like a really big family. I will be sad to leave it behind - but I'm looking forward to being a Keele alum though and supporting my university even now that I've left.


Side note: you might remember in {this post} I planned to wear yellow, I totally chickened out and went for navy - #navyornothing right?!