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Primark Perfume // Polka & He Loves Me...

Primark Perfume // Polka & He Loves Me...

Hey everyone

As I was strolling around Primarni last week I stumbled across these two perfumes in their beauty sections - who knew that Primark even did perfumes? Am I just super late to the party on this one (probably!)? 

I gave them both a quick sniff from the testers and was pleasantly surprise - at first sniff they both smelled really nice so I then I had to decided which one I was going to take home with me to try (although for the price I really could have bought both in their full sizes and it wouldn't have broken the bank - they're both just £6 each!) but then I spied the roller ball versions and since I'm a sucker for a roller ball perfume, I decided to pick up the roller ball versions of the two perfumes on offer...

...Polka and He Loves Me - both of which were an absolute steal at just £2! 

I figured that even if both of them smelled like fermented acid (spoiler // they don't - thankfully!) then it wasn't really the end of the world!

He Loves Me // I'm not going to lie, the packaging is what first drew me to this one (Marc Jacobs Daisy, anyone?) but the smell is just a lovely as the bottle! To me, it smells very light and fresh but still very focused on the floral side of things without being gramdma-esque. It's a great unassuming day fragrance - one that you could spritz on before you head out the door and you wouldn't have to worry about  the scent choking the person you stand next to on your commute (always a plus point when shopping for perfumes I think :P). I'm a big fan - and considering I'm usually not a lover of floral perfumes that's high praise!

Polka //apparently this is a potential dupe for Paco Rabanne's Lady Million - not that I've ever smelled Lady Million so I can't comment on that comparison. Plus, if you ask me the packaging is a slight nod to Marc Jacobs Dot. But anyway, what I can say for sure is that this scent is seriously yummy! It's right up my fragrance street seeing as it is really clean smelling, a smidge musky without being too heavy, a tad spicy (oo-err), definitely faintly citrus-y (I'm thinking grapefruit) with just a teensy hint of floral to keep things feminine and not too unisex. This one smells a lot more night-time appropriate for me compared to He Loves Me. Another big thumbs up from me!

I was really pleasantly surprised with how much I liked both of these Primark perfume offerings (plus the lasting power of both of them is actually very impressive - I could still smell them as I changed out of my lab coat as I was leaving work!) and whilst they wont be knocking off my Benefit Ring My Bella or Chanel Chance Eau Tendre from the top spots of my perfume faves these two will definitely go into my daily rotation of 'everyday' fragrances. 

Well done Primarni - I shall be making a beeline to their beauty section to try out some of their other perfumer offerings next time I pop in!

My Week In Pictures #82...

My Week In Pictures #82...

Hey everyone

Seeing as I only had four days at work this week - (thank you {graduation!} - side note: {here} are my graduation pics!) -  the week absolutely flew by!

As to be expected, the absolute highlight of my week was graduating! As a graduation present from my Nam I received a vintage microscope (how perfect of a present for a scientist?!) - it was such a thoughtful gift because I first saw it just before Christmas last year and she saved it away for me ready for graduation! 

Ma also bought me an amazing grad present - the new furniture for my room - I absolutely love how it turned out based on {this inspiration post} - don't panic, photos of my beautiful new room are in the works for a blog post soon! 

The bf also surprised me on graduation - he managed to get the day off work and was able to come into the ceremony and watch me graduate - plus he bought me red roses to congratulate me - he's the best <3.

Another notable thing that happened this week was that I gave a sneak peek of my 21st birthday party decorations on my {insta} because we spent most evenings this week at my Nam's house decorating for the party - I can't wait to share it with y;all!

I also managed to grab something from {cohorted} - an amazing discount beauty site that deserves its own post, I shall write one for next week! 

Finally, I absolutely relished the time I spent with the bf on Saturday morning - we were woken up early (around 7am) by a thunderstorm so we got to spend a lovely couple of hours snuggled up in bed watching the rain with a good cup of tea for me and coffee for the bf - it's the little seemingly insignificant times that I value the most <3

Graduation Day...

Graduation Day...

Hey everyone

Last Wednesday was a pretty big day for me - I graduated university!

After three (super fast!) years of hard work but lots of fun, I finished my Applied Biomedical Science degree!

Graduation Day was such an amazing day - it was the perfect celebration to close off the university chapter of my life.

It was a really chilled day spent with my family and my uni buddies and their families that make me so proud of my accomplishments at uni.

I was super lucky to have my grad ceremony as the first one of the day at 10:15 am which meant that I was able to get my ceremony tickets, pick up my gown etc. and have my professional photos taken all super easily and quickly (without crazy queuing!) before campus got really busy with all of the other grads!

Speaking of photographs - I went on a bit of a photography spree around campus - I took far too many but I decided that it was better to have too many to choose from rather than just taking a few and ending up hating all of them!

My poor mum was my chief photographer and she did so well (usually photography isn't her strong point, usually there's a lot of pictures of shoes and floor when she's in charge of the camera!) - she got all of the shots that I wanted and managed to capture the moment of the day completely perfectly!

Here's a tip - make sure that you plan out where you want to have graduation pictures taken around campus (for me because Keele campus is just so pretty everywhere, there are lots more places that I would have love to have had pictures taken (especially the woods and the clock tower!) but there just wasn't time (plus after traipsing all over campus my feet were seriously complainig!) and leave plenty of time for photo taking - that way you'll have the prettiest back drops for your photos and you wont feel rushed :)

These are definitely some of my most favourite shots of the day...

keele graduation

keele graduation

keele graduation

keele graduation

keele graduation

keele graduation

After the ceremony we headed to a drinks reception at my School so I could be presented with my Certificate of Competence from placement last summer and then strolled around to Keele Hall for a spot of afternoon tea!

I'm so glad that I decided to have afternoon tea in the Hall - I figured that after spending three years at uni I figured that I couldn't leave without setting foot into Keele Hall - it's such a stunning building from the outside and the inside didn't disappoint me, it was so grand!

keele graduation afternoon tea at keele hall

We reluctantly left campus in the late afternoon (the whole atmosphere on campus was so happy and celebratory, we didn't want to leave!) and headed home for some downtime before going out for a meal in the evening.

We just went to a local pub for our evening meal - they had decorated the table with 'congratulations' banners and balloon and even brought me a fancy smancy cocktail! - the food was so yummy!

To finish off the meal we all forgo-ed pudding in favour of this incredible graduation cake that Ma had had made for me! Isn't it so amazing?! It even has a Keele squirrel and scarf on it!

keele university graduation cake

So that was my graduation day - it was honestly one of the most perfect days of my life. I felt so proud to have gotten through uni and so thankful to my family for supporting me and happy to see them share in my success.

One of the things that suprised me the most - I was a little tearful when I was sat in the chapel at the start of the graduation ceremony when the Vice Chancellor was giving his speech - Keele University is such a friendly campus, when you're in the Keele Bubble you honestly feel like a really big family. I will be sad to leave it behind - but I'm looking forward to being a Keele alum though and supporting my university even now that I've left.


Side note: you might remember in {this post} I planned to wear yellow, I totally chickened out and went for navy - #navyornothing right?!

My Week In Pictures #81...

My Week In Pictures #81...

Hey everyone

This week has literally zoomed by - I swear that I blinked on Monday morning and when I opened my eyes again and then it was Friday! Not that I'm complaining :P

my week in pictures

Somehow, despite how fast this week went!, I managed to pack it chock full of fun stuff (maybe that's why it went by so fast!) - I managed to capture a couple of the beautiful sunsets this week (I love spending summer evenings sitting in the garden!). I realised how precious the time I spend with my ponies each night on the way home from work (I miss them so much!)! 

The end of this week was kinda sucky - I think I got over-tired and stressed 

I've had such a lovely week with the bf - he's been on 10-6's so we've been able to spend most evenings together and had some lovely dates; I dragged him to watch the latest musical production at my old high school (Busgy Malone - it was such a good show!) and then we spent Saturday shopping and then finished off the day with pizza and going to the cinema :)



Hey everyone

It's official, today's the day that I graduate!
...right about now I should be graduating in fact!

I've had such a great time these past three years studying for my Bachelor of Science degree - my time at Keele University has been incredible, I honestly can't imagine spending these last years of full-time education anywhere but this stunning campus. 

keele hall keele university

I'm so grateful to have been lucky enough to spend my time at Keele, not only for all of the opportunities for my future career that it has given me but also for how it has {changed me as a person} - I'm really going to miss the 'Keele Bubble' but I know that I'm going to be part of the Keele family that will look back on on these university years with great content and happiness.

LOVE: Keele

All that's left to say is: Class of 2014, this is it - the world is now ours for the taking - let's do this.

Professional Polishes // nail polishes for the workplace...

Professional Polishes // nail polishes for the workplace...

Hey everyone

nail polishes for the workplace barry m gelly polishes nude olive lychee almond nails inc porchester swuare dupe

Ever since I stopped biting my nails, I've had my nails painted near enough constantly (if my nails are bare then I end up picking at them and ruining them!) but I started my post-grad job a couple of weeks ago and because I work in a hospital I'm not technically supposed to have my nails painted when I'm in contact with patients (although I really don't understand why because I'm in the lab all day everyday so I don't ever encounter any patients!) - Boo, that means that my {nail polish collection} is just being left on the shelf and taunting me :(

I managed to go about three days in my first week at work without having my nails painted before I realised that I actually had to paint my nails before I completely destroyed them!

So I figured that if I picked a polish colour that wasn't too offensively dissimilar to my natural nail colour (sadly that makes my embarrassingly large collection of blue polishes out of the question) then really what would be the harm?! I turned to my treasure trove of acrylic drawers to find some suitable polishes.

Now, seeing as I work in the labs my hands and nails get pretty battered - I spend my days over-washing my hands, picking labels off sample, staining slides, etc. -  I figured that a gel polish would be the way to go, so of course I turned to my absolute favourite nail polish formulation - the Barry M Gelly Polishes

I searched through my stash and found that there are three of the Barry M Gelly Polishes that are inoffensive and natural-looking - Lychee, Olive and Almond.

barry m gelly polishes nude lychee almond olive

Almond // oh this colour is just so gorgeous - it's a beige/grey/lavender that is my go-to at the moment! Also, fun fact: I was only saying to Ma that this shade reminded me of her fave polish {Nails Inc. Porchester Square} and then the next day I saw Vivianna's {post} on how similar the two shades were! Great minds, eh?!

Olive // this is a far less green than the name suggests - its a green-ish toned nude that looks great when I have a little bit of tan (albeit a fake one!)

Lychee // this is my perfect nude colour - it's the perfect mix of pinky/nude for my skin tone

barry m almond gelly polish nails inc porchester square dupe

For the last week and a half I've had Almond on my nails and I'm about to re-do my nails for the third time with it for my next week of work! - I just can't get enough of it!

What are your fave nude polishes? - because I'm feeling that I'm going to tire of these three options in the not too distant future!