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Hey everyone 

Paris apartment with view of Eiffel tower c/o amyvnorris


I'm currently experiencing some serious wanderlust. 

I'm blaming this feeling two fold - firstly on {Amy}, seeing her spontaneously jet around Europe this past month or so has filled me with serious travel envy (just check out her {instagram} for yourself and you'll feel the same!) and secondly on a couple of the books on my {Summer Reading List}, namely {Anna an the French Kiss} and {Just One Day}, because they're about American girls who travel to Europe and have life-changing experiences (it's all very Lizzie McGuire-esque :P). Reading these books made me feel so guilty at having lived on this island for all of my life, right in the midst of Europe and yet I've never visited some of the most incredible cities in the world that are right on my doorstep.

Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Moscow, Dublin, Amsterdam, Madrid, Vienna, Berlin, Venice, Athens, Milan, Rhodes - the list is seemingly endless.

I feel so uncultured. I feel so wasteful. I feel so lacking. 

I mean, people across the other side of the world literally dream about travelling the millions of miles to discover themselves in Europe and here I am, far closer and with the means but I've never done so.

There's so much in this world out there to discover and I really need to make the effort and go see it - otherwise, isn't that just an incredible waste of all that amazing-ness?

That's definitely one thing that I've come to regret when I look back on my university years - I really should have used that opportunity to travel more (just like Amy is doing) - it was my last obligation-free times of my life and it would have been the perfect time to travel. 

But then again, that's what short city breaks are for, right?! I was speaking (writing?) in this post like that's it -  I graduated university and my window of travel/exploration opportunities is over but really it isn't. I'm only in my twenties, I get six weeks of holidays each year from my big girl job (as does the bf) - that's an absolute boatload of travel opportunities right there! 

Whilst writing this post, I've decided that the twenties will be my decade for travel (little does the bf know :P) - it's time for me to go out and experience the world - it can't be work work work all the time, right? 

Plus travel experience documentation makes for great blog posts :P

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” 
-      Mark Twain