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Personal Planner Review...

Hey everyone

Seeing as I'm graduating this summer and entering the big girl world of a post-graduate job I figured that it was the time to splurge on a new planner to take me into this new part of my life.

When entering the world of planner choosing - I was initially torn between a Kate Spade ({this one} is just stunningly classic!) but then again you can't beat a Lilly Pulitzer planner is like the planner (I've been swooning over {this one} ever since this year's collection was released!). 

The decisions.

Eventually, I decided that ordering a planner from the US wasn't really justifiable - and then I stumbled across {Personal Planners} - a completely customisable planner that's targeted towards bloggers? Sounds absolutely perfect for me!

So I went on to the {website} and then played around for at least a couple of hours customising my planner (but seriously - not just the front cover but the inside too - the page layout, the little 'extras' at the bottom of the pages, the 'extra' pages - so. many. choices.!!), eventually decided upon the design of my fully customised (seriously!) planner and placed my order.

And then waited patiently - well I tried to be patient, I was super excited to see how my planner turned out! - for my planner to arrive. Thankfully the creating and shipping of my planner only took a couple of weeks and this beautiful package arrived at my door super fast!

Personal Planner UK Review

Can we address the self-restraint it took for me to wait and set up this picture before ripping it open in my excitement?! Well done me, I think!

I love the package that Personal Planners come in - I'm a sucker for bright green (you'd never have guess from my blog design, right?!) - plus the cardboard packaging is super sturdy so the planners don't get wrecked in transport before they even get to you!

Anyway, time for the big reveal - here's my big girl planner for the next year...
Monogrammed Planner Personal Planner UK Review

Oh, yeh I monogrammed it - shocking, right?! 

After much deliberation I went for a large planner with a navy blue and white striped design and a white vine monogram - I got the design from {Printable Monogram}(and then played around with it with in picmonkey) before uploading it onto Personal Planner - the whole process was super easy and I love how it turned out!

As for the inside of my planner I decided to go for the list-y option for each of the days and then I chose 2 to-do lists and an idea section on the left hand pages and then a meal planner and notes section for the right hand side pages.

Personal Planner UK Review Inlay

Personal Planner UK Review Inlay

What I'm really looking forward to seeing with using this planner is seeing how well it can combine planning my day-to-day activities along with everything blog related too! 

Expect an updated post on how I've decided to organise my planner soon!