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My Week In Pictures #78...

Hey everyone

It's MWIP time again and as it turns out this is going to be my last week of summer vacation!! I got a call on Monday and got my start date for my big girl world post-grad job to be next Monday! That's super scary seeing as I wasn't expecting to be called into work until after graduation (that would have give me another month of summer!) but I'm excited to get my career started!

Anyway, this last week of summer shaped up to be pretty awesome! It was filled with Little Prin cuteness, a trip to IKEA, getting my degree classification (a 2.1!!), digging up some home-grown potatoes, collecting/making bits and pieces for my new room (see {The Bedroom Redecoration Project} post!), watching lots of YT on the TV (thank the lord for HDMI cables!), trying Costa iced tea for the first time this year & celebrating the start of Wimbledon with some fresh British strawberries!

I hope y'all had a good week!
Lemme know what you got up to in the comments!