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MWIP: #76...

For the last two weeks this ^^ has been me - I was lucky enough to spend two blisteringly hot weeks in Egypt relaxing by the pool so the MWIP feature has been absentee on the ole blog (I was planning on posting but the hotel was just a teensy bit slow and inconsistent!) but anyway, fear not because I'm bringing the MWIP back today - here's what I got up to this week...

...was super excited to see the bf again once I'd gotten back off my holiday - I know it was only two weeks but I missed him so much!
...tried the new Magnum champagne ice cream to celebrate their 25th birthday - it was pretty good!
...was very happy to come home and see that the rhododendron in our garden was still in bloom - I was so worried that I'd have missed it when I was away - they're my fave flowers in my garden :)
...was happy to see that my ponies had lost their winter coats whilst I as away - they look so much more well kept in the summer rather than the massively fluffy teddy bears that they are in the winter!
...had my sock stolen by Little Prin as soon as I got home - I'm taking this as the fact that she missed me :P
...snapped a summer #ootd as I styled my new white converse for the first time - I honestly don't know why it took me so long to buy them!
...loved watching the meadow in the bottom of our garden bloom with wild flowers - it's like my little secret garden!
...treated myself to a burn of my fave candle to relax after travelling home
...managed to capture Dolly rolling!
...realised just how much I had missed the English countryside whilst I was away - everything just looks so green!
...loved getting back into my routine of taking Little Prin for a walk every afternoon - she's finally learning the 'heel' command!
...felt like I dressed really rather preppy when I went out for dinner last night!

I hope y'all had a good week!