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Barry M Gelly Polish Summer 2014...

I've raved about my love for the Barry M gelly polishes loads of times before on here so I won't rattle on about them too much - aside from saying that their formulation is awesome (opaque in one coat aside from the pastels from the spring 2014 drop which take two) and their staying power is incredible (I can go a week with one of these polishes on my nails and only see minor chippage!).

Barry M's latest offerings of gelly polishes are quite an unusual one for summer - I was expecting a boat load of bright neons but instead was pleasantly surprised with three brights, three neutrals and a muted almost pastel colour! An interesting mixed bag to say the least!

Now, onto the colours themselves...

barry m summer 2014 collection

R-L // kiwi - damson - olive - coconut - almond - pink punch

barry m summer 2014 collection

At first glance I thought that Kiwi was very similar to Guava but side by side Kiwi is much more of a true green.

The same went for Damson - I thought that it was identical to Blue Grape but Damson is much more of a cobalt where as Blue Grape is more of a royal blue.

Pink Punch is a standard bright red/pink that I always thought that the gelly collection was missing - Ma especially loves this one!

It's the neutrals that intrigue me most in this release.

Almond reminds me greatly of Vanilla from the Barry M matte collection but is just a tad more pink and obviously a whole lot more glossy! 

Olive is a true olive green based nude which I think would be perfect for those girls with a more olive skin tone (or those with a tan in the summer!). 

And coconut (ahh coconut) is, I think, my favourite of the collection - it's a glossy just off white colour - it's going to be perfect for those girls, like me, who want to try the white nail polish trend but are too afraid of looking like they broke out the tip-ex!

Do you like the Barry M gelly collection?
What's your favourite from this summer 2014 drop?