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What's In My Carry On...

As you read this I will be sat by the pool, sipping on a diet coke in Egypt! I'm lucky enough to be spending two weeks in the sunshine with Ma and my bestie and her family. 

The only sucky thing is that I shall be leaving the bf for two whole weeks - I don't know how all of you in long distance relationships manage it! I've been tearing up all week just thinking about leaving him for fourteen nights!

Anyway, in today's post I'm going to be sharing what's in my carry on - aka all of the things that I absolutely cannot be without when I'm on a plane...

what's in my carry on bag

I'm using my Longchamp (large Le Pliage in navy) as my carry on bag - it's so light but fits literally everything (bar the kitchen sink :P) in!

Book // I'm listening to Divergent on audible and I like to read along with the audiobook :)

Jewellery // I hate the thought of losing my jewellery so I like to keep it with me at all times

Chargers // a absolute necessity - as is my iPhone charger case because my poor little phone will be exhausted after all its use in the airport!

Kindle // I am a bookworm and although I love reading physical books I find that ebooks are so much better for travelling - I've loaded my Kindle up with around 30 books so that should keep me busy for the next fortnight! side note: a summer reading list of all the books I shall be reading whilst on holiday will be up next week!

Notebook & Pen // you just never know when inspiration might strike and physically writing something down is so much more satisfying than making a note on your iPhone

Make Up Bag // another thing that I would be devastated to not have with me if my case got lost!

Earphones // absolutely necessary so that you aren't 'that' person in the airport who thinks that everyone wants to listen to their bad taste in music

Liquids Bag // basically all of my in flight essentials (a post on which will be coming later on this week!) and any make up item that is a liquid or a cream!

Tissues // because I'm bound to have a nosebleed on the aeroplane if I don't have them!

Travel Pillow & Eye Mask // to at least try to sleep on the flight (I don't know why I'm bothering because I can never sleep on a plane!)

Spirit Jersey // I always like to have an extra layer with me because aeroplanes are always so chilly!

Handbag // I'm using my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac to keep all of my essentials in - i.e. my iPhone, iPod, wallet, sunglasses and keys - that way I know that they are all together because things can get lost in the Longchamp (it's like a bottomless pit!)

what's in my purse

large navy longchamp le pliage

So that's me - off on my jollys!

I've got some posts scheduled for whilst I'm away so I shall talk to y'all when I get back!