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{Review} Shop Memento - Spirit Jersey...

Today I'm going to be sharing a review of one of my most favourite online stores - {Shop Memento}. 
They are my go to for all of my monogrammed apparel needs because they actually ship internationally! This is a rarity because most monogram boutique don't ship outside the US which upsets me greatly! But luckily Shop Memento has every possible monogrammed clothing possible so it manages to satisfy my monogram needs perfectly!

I'd had my eye on {Shop Momento} for a good few months and when I spotted that they were running a photo-a-day competition on {their instagram} I couldn't resist entering!

I was so incredibly surprised when I was one of the winners!

The ladies at Shop Memento were lovely enough to give all of the winners a $50 gift card (!!) and I knew exactly what I was going to spend mine on - a Spirit Jersey! 

I'd been lusting after a spirit jersey for honestly months but never got around to ordering one because I just wasn't sure how much wear I would get out of one to justify the price (how wrong could I have been?!) so that was straight into my basket once I'd gotten the gift card code!

I had been stalking the Shop Memento site for months so knew exactly what spirit jersey and monogram colour combination that I wanted (I honestly don't think that I've ever checked out of a site so fast - I was that excited!) - I ended up ordering the {Shop Memento Football Spirit Jersey in Seafoam} with the hot pink monogram (honestly tying to decide which thread colour for my monogram was the most difficult part - Shop Memento have so many to choose from!).

I found the shipping cost to the UK to be very reasonable (around £20) and then I did have to pay some customs fees when it arrived (again around £20).

In terms of shipping time to the UK it was exactly as I expected - it took approximately a month to arrive (the longest month ever - I was on first name terms with the postman after badgering him every day for my package, haha!) but when it did arrive my order was in perfect packaging condition so I was very pleased with their international shipping service.

Enough of me blabbering on now, here's some shots of my beautiful spirit jersey...

shop momento football spirit jersey review

The quality of the spirit jersey is very nice - just what I expected seeing as the spirit jersey itself is sourced from the {original spirit jersey company} - and the monogram stitching is perfect - no loose threads and it looks like it's going to last forever!

Whilst I was ordering from Shop Memento, I couldn't resist popping my first Lilly Pulitzer item in my cart too (yes, Shop Memento stock some {Lilly items} too!) - I went for the croakies in 'Lobstah Roll' - good lord I just cannot get enough of this print, it's just too perfect!

I couldn't be happier with my experience of ordering from Shop Memento - the cost, shipping and packaging was very reasonable and the customer service from the lovely ladies at Shop Memento was impeccable (the site wouldn't let me select international shipping so after my order was completed and ready to be shipped a quick email conversation and a paypal invoice later and my order was shipped that same day!).

Thank you so much, Shop Memento, for the $50 gift voucher prize - I couldn't love my spirit jersey any more!

I would not hesitate to order from {Shop Momento} again - in fact I think I'm going to be placing an order in the not too distant future for another spirit jersey seeing as there barely has been a day since I received this one that I haven't worn it! It's a tough choice between the {hot pink} or the {turquoise}!