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My In Flight Beauty Essentials...

in flight beauty essentials

I've just flown to Egypt - that's four hours on a plane - and my limit without needing any beauty essentials is two hours. Anything more than two hours and I get uncomfortable if I can't freshen up - flying just makes me feel so gross and eugh

I rely on a little set of in flight beauty essentials to keep me feeling fresh and like myself when I fly, here's what they are...

in flight beauty essentials

Hand Wipes // because airports and planes are just nasty germy places

Facial Cleansing Wipes // make up can feel really claustrophobic when you're on a plane so I like to have these so I can just freshen up and let my skin breathe a bit more

Perfume // I hate the smell of plane food so as soon as they start bringing it out I re-apply my perfume to try and distract myself from the smell!

Facial Moisturiser // my skin gets incredibly dry when I'm on a flight so I like to keep it moisturised to try to prevent my skin from freaking out when I get to my destination

Hand Cream // just like my face, my hands get super dry - plus putting hand cream on can distract me if I'm feeling a bit sickly (I'm not the best flier)

Eye Drops // I wear contact lenses so my eyes are pretty dry anyway, add in the super powerful aeroplane air recycling system and my eyes end up feeling like the Sahara - eye drops are non negotiable!

Lip Balm // always a necessity no matter the situation, haha!

Nail File // if my nail breaks then I will just tear at it and basically destroy my nails - not very nice for when I'm on holiday! So if I can get in there quick and file the breakage away then that whole situation is avoided :)

Deodorant // flights and airports are stressful so things can get a little like perspiration central - deodorant is absolutely necessary.

I'd love to know what your in flight beauty essentials are - lemme know in the comments?