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MWIP: 73/104...

This week, my second week of summer break (already!), has been so much fun! It was great to have some time and finally chill after all of the stresses of final year have gone!

Here's what I got up to, I...

...spent lots of time planning blog posts to keep my blog ticking over whilst I'm on my vacation for the next two weeks!
...had our first barbecue of the year!
...decided to take a leaf out of Carly's (from the {CollegePrepster}) and take the time to incorporate a walk with my puppy into my daily routine - it's so much fun to see how much Prin enjoys herself!
...couldn't get enough of blogging in front of open windows - the weather has been so perfect!
...loved watching all of the flowers bloom in my Nam's garden
...got slightly over-excited when I realised that it was still light at 9pm a night - well hello summer!
...accepted the fact that my lemon obsession was in full swing #sorrynotsorry
...added an ice lolly into my day - it just makes me smile!
...caught my little buddy keeping me company whilst I was blogging
...realised that Ma's nail polish perfectly matched the wisteria flowers
...had my first mocha cookie crumble frap of the season - they're my absolute fave!
...couldn't get enough of the skies this week - so beautifully sunny!
...spent lots of time with my ponies - isn't Cannon just so cute?!
...started to work on the invitations for my 21st birthday party - here's a sneak peek!
...couldn't get enuogh of this cute little mush!

I hope y'all had a good week!