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MWIP: 70-72/104...

Hey everyone

So, like I said in Monday's {post} I have such a lot to catch this little blog up on! 

During my two week blogging hiatus things got a little crazy so today's MWIP post is a cumulation of all of the pics that I took during those two weeks...

*warning* things are gonna get a little picture crazy from here on...

...have become obsessed with caprese salads - I honestly don't think that there is a more delicious combination of flavours than mozzarella, vine tomatoes, basil and olive oil!
...after seeing {Frannie's} {instagram} of a San Pellegrino orange drink I hate to go out and get one for myself! My love for them has been re-discovered! 
side note: can we acknowldge how perfect {theblondeprep's} {instagram} is?!
...surrounded myself with tulips - I love how easily they bring a pop of colour to a room - the only annoyance I have with them is how little time they last :(
...had lots of Little Prin snuggles
...went for lots of walks around the lakes as revision breaks :)
...WENT TO SEE MCBUSTED!!!! As a celebration of finishing uni with K & C - it was an insanely good show!
...decided that it was officially summer because it has been warm enough to sit and read outside :)
...swapped over to having salads for lunch instead of soup!
...couldn't get enough of blue skies - after such a long and grey winter I feel like I should document each one!
...spent lots of quality time with my ponies :)
...took my goddaughter for her first encounter with my ponies and gave her her first pony ride (my little old man was seriously so perfect - I was so proud of him!)
...had my first Taco Bell experience - their guac literally changed my life <3
...spent a whole lot of these past two weeks revising - mostly outside!
...have been craving all things lemon - so of course I had to try the lemon San Pellegrino :P
...took Little Prin on lots of walks :)
...finally changed my routine to become a morning person - I was amazed by how much more I could get done in the day just by waking up a couple of hours earlier!
...received my {Shop Memento} order - my first spirit jersey and Lilly Pulitzer items!! A review will be coming soon!
fun fact: I literally have worn my spirit jersey nearly every day since I got it - I'm completely obsessed!
...finally decided to see what all the fuss over Pretty Little Liars is so the bf and I have been marathoning it at every opportunity - safe to say that we are absolutely obsessed!
...found brioche burger buns and subsequently decided that all burgers should be served on brioche buns :P
...took zillions of photo's of the wisteria in our garden as it flowered - I love it!

I hope you all had a super busy but pretty fun-filled couple of weeks - as always I'd love it if you linked up via the widget & button below to share what you got up to this week!

 It'd absolutely make my day! 


  1. I love this series, nothing I love more than pictures.

  2. Looks like you've had a wonderful week, beautiful pictures.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  3. caprese salads are so delish <3
    Also, your picture of Ben & Jerry's has left me craving Ben & Jerry's/ Have you tried half baked? The best!

    xx Ani || theaniproject.blogspot.com

  4. I really wanted to go and see McBusted, gutted I missed out! I've heard so much about Taco Bell and I know there is one in Manchester but I never think to go there. I will have to soon though. Lovely pictures :) xx

  5. Wonderful photos and a really cute blog. x


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