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Model's Own Polish For Tan's...

I'm a sucker for a new nail polish collection. Seriously, it's a problem for my bank balance! And in the summer, I'm all about the bright neon colours. Enter the new {Models Own} Polish For Tans collection - how perfect do they sound for summer?!

The collection is  selection of five neon (like seriously bright neon!) polishes that already have a white base coat incorporated into their formulation - how irritating is it when you want to wear a neon but you have to use a white base coat to make the colour really pop? It brings in the whole debate over the search for the perfect white polish that is opaque in one coat (if you know of one then please let me know!) which is still elusive for me! Anyway, back onto the Polish For Tans Collection - their formula is branded as one that will make you look more tanned - isn't that the aim of every girl for the summer?!

And to be honest - I was initially very sceptical of the whole "they will make you look more tanned" claim but when I finally got my hands on the collection and managed to swatch them, I literally couldn't believe my eyes! They really did make me look more tanned. Now, being the scientist that I am, I couldn't just trust my own judgement, I could just be tricking myself into thinking that they made me look more tanned, so I tested the hypothesis out on the bf. I painted the nails on one of my hands with the Polish For Tans collection and left the other hand bare and went to ask the bf for his unbiased opinion by asking "does one of my hands look different?" and his response was "yeh that one [pointing at the hand with the Polish For Tans swatches on] looks more tanned than the other" - I'd say that that was a success then! Well done, Models Own - these polishes really do make me look more tanned!

Anyway, onto the polishes themselves...

model's own polish for tan's

R-L // Bikini - Flip Flop - Shades - Sun Hat - Beach Bag

model's own polish for tan's

Bikini is one of the most perfect yellow polishes I've ever come across - I often find that yellow polishes have a tendency to make skin look quite shallow and nails in a bad condition but this polish is a true highlighter yellow that actually looks like it does in bottle when it's on the nails 

I'm a sucker for a green polish - there's just something about it that makes me smile - and Flip Flop is a true neon green - more on the yellow-y side than the blue side - it reminds me of the colour of a tennis ball in some lights haha!

Shades is a really bright coral - very summery, if you ask me it would look perfect with a cornflower blue :)

Ma has already stolen Sun Hat and claimed it as her own for the whole of the summer - she is a sucker for a bubblegum Barbie-esque pink, the brighter the better, and this polish is just that! It's almost eye squintingly bright - but that's what makes it so perfect!

Beach Bag is a neon peach - which in itself confuses me a little, I wouldn't really class peach as a neon colour but Beach Bag is a true neon peach! I really love it - I think that it's such an unusual colour!

In terms of formulation and lasting power - I've found that all of these polishes are opaque in two coats, one at a serious push, but I was a tad disappointed with their lasting power. For me they only lasted three-ish days - but I think I've spoilt myself by solely using the Barry M Gelly polishes for a while which last for at least a week!

I've taken these polishes away with me on my summer vacation - I think they are going to b super cute in the Egyptian sunshine!

Have you tried the Models Own Polish For Tans?
What did you think?