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Let's Catch Up...

Hey everyone

Well, this is a bit odd isn't it? 

After not blogging for over two weeks (it hasn't been quiet on this blog for this long since 2012!) I am back!


An absolute boat load of things have happened since I last posted so this post is going to be me getting y'all up to speed with the goings on in my life as of late - I'd recommend that you grab yourself a beverage (my poison of choice is a lovely cup of tea) and we can catch up!


Rightio, first off I shut myself away for two weeks and did some serious revision for my last set of exams for my Bachelor's degree, got through all three of them without too many problems (having to write two essays in two hours that are both up to the standard that is expected as a level three finalist is a lot of pressure!). I also handed in my final essay (essentially a third dissertation) which means that as of Thursday 8th May I have officially finished my undergraduate degree. How this happened I really don't know! I can't believe how fast these three years have gone!

In the middle of all that uni related stress I also applied for my absolute dream job - it was for a higher position than I really should have been applying for but you've got to go big or go home, right? Now, if you follow me on {twitter} you will already know the outcome of this but here's what happened anyway. 

I wasn't really expecting anything to come of my application because of it being for someone more experienced than me, but I was actually invited to interview for the position. Which I was absolutely thrilled about seeing as it was the first invitation to interview that I had received since I started applying for post-graduate jobs and couldn't wait to just give it my best shot and see what happened. 

Long story short - in my mind the interview was an absolute train wreck - I ended up bursting into tears as soon as made it to my car - true story. Anyway, I chalked the whole thing up to experience and fully expected to not hear back from them and that would be that. 

Imagine how shocked I was when I got a call from the interviewer offering me the position on the night of the interview!

So that's me, I've officially finished all of the work for my BSc in Applied Biomedical Science and I've got my dream post-grad job (in a local hospital (yay for not having to travel very far every day!) in haematology (my favourite department) that will start once I get my registration from my governing body once I have graduated!). 

So I now have a couple of months to get used to the idea that I will actually be graduating entering the big-girl world of work in July! 

There are so many things that I am looking forward to doing in my last two months of freedom, including:
  • spending two weeks in Egypt at the end of May
  • redecorating my bedroom entirely (this has been in the works for ages!)
  • getting back into blogging (I've got so many post ideas that I can't wait to write!)
  • binging Pretty Little Liars (the bf and I finally decided to properly sit down together and watch it and boy we are hooked! We flew through season 1 and are now about half way through season 2 - it's so incredibly awesome!

Phew, so I think that we are all caught up.
Don't you feel better now that we are all on the same page again? :P

aHm xoxo