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How university has changed me...

I think that it’s finally hitting me that I've finished my undergraduate degree. 

Three years of university study (for my Bachelors of Science in Applied Biomedical Science) and my time is up.

I can honestly say that I have come out of university an incredibly different person than I started as. Which is definitely a good thing. I think that these university years are the ones in which you should take the time to figure out who you want to be, where you want to go and how you’re going to get there in life.

On the surface, I don’t think that I appear much different from who I was before I started my degree – I’m still the polite, almost painfully quiet girl who applies herself to any task in a manner that is akin to throwing yourself of a bridge and hoping that your bungee cord won’t snap.But in myself, I can definitely see changes in my character. 

Predominately, the fact that I am leaving university far more confident in myself than when I started.

When you go to university, you are thrown together with a whole mix of people that you don’t know and you have no choice but to be confident and put yourself out there to make friends – you can either sink or swim. And to be honest, after spending 8 years at the same high school/college with the same awesome group of friends I really thought that I was going to sink - especially seeing as I commuted to uni. Before starting uni I had resigned myself that I was going to spend the three years entirely friendless. But thankfully I decided to make a conscious decision to not let myself be shy and potentially unfriendly - I had to at least attempt to be more confident and approachable!

Luckily, I found and sort of brought together a really amazing group of friend’s right in the very first week of university. I remember actually initiating a conversation whilst in a queue for registration for my course – very out of character for my but it totally paid off!

Another key moment that I can’t put down to a gain in confidence, I ended up taking the lead in one of the group projects that I had to do in second year – with a group of complete strangers – I would never have done that before, I would have described myself as more of a follower than a leader up until that point. 

Likewise,a group discussion module in my final semester of my degree saw me adding my points to discussions every single week and on one occasion being the sole person arguing one point of view against ten of my peers arguing against me – and I held my own, I didn't back down.

In high school and college I would never have done that, I would never have had the confidence to contribute to a discussion and provide an alternative point of view. 

There are so many experiences at university that are out there waiting for you – and yes, it did take me three years to build up the confidence to take part in a society – but so what I got there in the end.

And that’s what matters - it may have taken me a while but I'm leaving university a far more confident young woman that the girl I started as. 

I'm so grateful for the opportunities that Keele University for providing me with the opportunities that have allowed me to grow in confidence in myself, my views and my abilities.