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The Final Push...

Hey everyone

I'm just writing this post super fast (I'm literally typing between spoonfuls of cereal!) to warn y'all that things are going to be pretty quiet around here for the next couple of weeks.

It sucks that I have to put blogging on the back burner for a while but it's for a valid reason (I promise).

I've got just two weeks left of my undergrad degree with three exams sit and one last essay to write (plus one extra super scary secret thing right in the middle of all that!) so it's all systems go for me at the moment.

I've been getting up at 6am (unheard of for me!) to work on my essay for a couple of hours before settling down to revise for the rest of the day. Fun times.

Anyway, the point is that I doubt that I'll be posting from now until May 8th because I've just got to focus on my degree and these final few hurdles. 

I'm sure that y'all can relate!

See you soon xxx

aHm xoxo