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Spring Pastel Polishes...

Hey everyone

I think that it's beyond fair to say that the Barry M gelly polishes are my favourite formulation of nail polishes ever.

Now, I realise that that is a pretty grand sweeping statement but seriously they are incredible!

They are just so glossy, opaque and long lasting - what more do you need from a manicure I ask you!

Anyway, over the last year I've managed to accumulate most of the gelly polish collection (#sorryimnotsorry) so when I spied that Barry M were bringing out a trio of new colours for this Spring I got super excited.

Seriously - I was like a woman possessed on the hunt for these polishes - I couldn't find them anywhere in stores near me (it was a very trying time!) so after two weeks of trawling the shelves obsessively I decided to just order them online from the {Barry M} site.

I then ended up having to wait another 10 days for my package to actually arrive on my doorstep - I think that my postman is now a little scared of me because of how eagerly I greeted him when he came to our door everyday - oops!

Anyway, all that waiting was completely worthwhile when I finally laid my eyes on these three beautiful polishes...

barry m spring 2014 pastel collection

Aren't they stunning?

If you ask me, they are the most perfect colours for spring - I can totally see myself just rotating through these three polishes for the whole of the season!

So, the three new releases are Huckleberry, Sugar Apple & Rose Hip

Huckleberry // a beaut, creamy baby blue colour
Sugar Apple // oh my - this mint colour just makes me incredibly happy - I'm obsessed with mint nail polish and this one is the most perfect one that I've found
Rose Hip // essentially, the pink version of Huckleberry - a true baby pink that's creamy with a slight hint of lilac

For the last three weeks I've worn these polishes - one each week. Yep, you read that right - these babies lasted for a whole week on my nails. They're that incredible!
Plus, anything that prevents me from getting sucked into putting actual gel on my nails is a plus point for me - I don't want to damage them but love how smooth gel nails look!  With these polishes I get the best of both worlds :P
I could rave about these polishes for every - the colours are perfectly spring-y, the application is on point - two coats and these pastels are completely opaque (I usually avoid pastels because of how renowned they are for being difficult to apply), the shine already in the polish means that I don't have to apply a topcoat (yay, for less time being spent on my manicure) and the staying power without chips is literally a gift!

All I can say is that Barry M - I love your gelly polishes anyway, these colours are just perfection for this spring but pretty please could you bring out some more pastel colours? I'm thinking a pale lemon :P

Are you as obsessed with the Barry M Gelly Polishes as I am?
What colours are you wearing on your nails this spring?

aHm xoxo