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Room Decor Inspiration...

Hey everyone

Ma & I recently popped into this local boutique - it's part garden centre, part restaurant and part home decor store.

And I totally fell in love with everything there!

I've been toying with the idea of re-decorating my room for a while but I've been at a loss as to what to do with it - I want something quite mature and long lasting.

Anyway, I've finally decided on how I want to re-decorate - and it's based on this boutique.

You walk in and there lots of little rooms all decorate in whites and greys with lots of different textures and I basically just wanted to move in!

I took some photos and thought I'd share them with y'all!

This was a garden shed outside the boutique and I love the grey metal with the pop of colour in the cushions

I have a lot of wood coloured furniture in my room at the moment and seeing this has made me want to paint them white - plus it would be cheaper than buying all new furniture!

I love this giant heart - I think it'd look perfect on a white wall over my bed. 

side note: I think that that sign would look awesome in a bathroom!

I loved this grey stand for storage but then again I'd also like to add some greenery to my room (well, probably artificial greenery considering that I can't keep a plant alive for anything!)

the candles and wicker baskets and the glass jars for flowers <3

I thought this idea of having a quotation wall in my room - it would be such a fun way to fill an empty space 

This array of knick knacks is just so stunning! I love the glass jars for display and that bejewelled tray is just gorgeous!

I absolutely need a white bookcase in my life - I definitely think that I need to add some decorative statues to my room too!

So, yep - my heart is absolutely set on having a grey and white room - I love how fresh and clean it looks :)

Or could I just move in here instead?

aHm xoxo