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{Review} Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation...

Hey everyone

So today I'm dabbling into the world of beauty product reviews.

To be honest I'm not entirely sure why it has taken me so long to do so seeing as they are the prime way of me discovering new products and are my go-to before I buy any new beauty find! 

Plus YT beauty 'guru' videos are mine and Ma's absolute weakness - we're obsession. Our bank balances hate us for it :P

Anyway, today I'm going to be reviewing my newest foundation love - the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation

First off, a little back story (because you've gotta have a little context to a post after all!) - I've heard amazing things about this foundation for (literally) ages from American beauty bloggers and those UK beauty bloggers who had made a beeline for it when they visited the states and it left me with a complete need for this foundation in my life (yep, I know how ridiculous that may sound to some of you but foundation is my thing I'm always on the hunt for the perfect one to add to my collection!).

Anyway, after all attempts for me to get my hands on it here in the UK proved futile it remained on my beauty wish list for a year of so until one very happy day towards the end of last year when I heard that {QVC} were going to start selling Tarte cosmetics! Super excited doesn't even begin to cover it! 

Fast forward a couple of months and a tweet from {Vivianna Does Makeup} alerted me to the fact that Tarte was now available in the UK! I can honestly say that it took me about 3 minutes to get on to the {QVC} site, search for the Amazonian Clay Foundation (I completely bypassed everything else at this point - I was that fixated on this foundation!), add the palest shade to my cart and check out. This is no exaggeration.

Now came the eager anticipation for the package to be delivered - a few days and it finally dropped through my letter box. My greedy mitts ripped open that package ridiculous fast and got my swatch on amidst lots of "oohs" and "ahhs".

Right, now (finally, sorry about that!) onto the actual review - would this foundation that I'd built up to such heights actually live up to my expectations?...

In one word - Yes.

This foundation is actually incredible - it is absolutely worth all of the hype.

tarte amazonian clay foundation review

tarte amazonian clay foundation review
unconventially I'm demonstrating the coverage of this foundation using the back of my hand rather than my face - no one needs to see what my face looks like without foundation - it's just not fair on them :P

The Colour // being super pale (fun fact: the bf actually said that I looked like a ghost when I showed him that picture!) trying to find a foundation that doesn't make me look all wotsit-eqsue is sometimes pretty difficult. Luckily this foundation is such a good shade for me (I have Fair Sand for reference) and it doesn't oxidise noticeably as it wears. Winner.

The Coverage // I'm a lover of reasonably full coverage foundations - In a typically English country girl way I suffer from rosy cheeks and then I have some issues with breakouts pretty regularly too (oh the joys!). This one covers all of my issues and leaves me with a seemingly flawless base. Plus it manages to manage this without looking cake-y or being difficult to blend - it blends super easily into the skin using this Tarte brush - they are the perfect combination! Still winning.

The Longevity // this foundation is marketed as being able to stay put for 12 hours - and I tested that out yesterday - my foundation was on for 12 hours and I spent 6 hours sat in a conservatory on a sunny day. I came home without doing a touch ups and was so surprised to see how well my foundations till looked! Yes, there was obviously some wear showing but on the whole my face didn't look all that different from when I first put it on that morning. Yet another win.

The only questionable down side is the price. It's always the price, isn't it? This foundation (with the brush) comes in at £32 (plus P+P) which is steep-ish. For me, this seems pretty reasonable considering that you do get a brush thrown in as well and the foundation is just that good. I will definitely be re-purchasing when I get through this tube!

So all in all, on my everlasting hunt for the perfect foundation that is a lovely pale shade, stays in place all day, gives me all the coverage that I need, looks natural and does all of this but still feels light on the skin (I don't ask for much do I?!) this one is the best that I've discovered so far!

I think that it's gonna be very difficult to knock this Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation off of my top spot!

P.S. Thanks to Rinica over at {Rinica Writes} for the inspiration for this post!

aHm xoxo