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Hey everyone

Last week was such a good week - I was smiling all week! Here's what I got up to, I...

...bought some clubmaster inspired sunglasses to try them out - I love them when my hair is up in a messy bun!
...found a new favourite snack - apple with nutella #yum
...had a tea party for me, ma & nam to start planning my 21st birthday party!
...spent Saturday night watching City of Bones and painting my nails with Essie 'First Timer'
...was in awe of how stunning it was on one of the days when I took Little Prin for on a walk around the lake! 
...took a #shamelessselfie that inspired {this} post
...found a lovely setting at the bottom of my garden for my OOTD shot
...decided that seeing as it is definitely Spring now it's time to break out my newest Rebecca Minkoff - I love it!
...loved spending time with the bf this week :)
...took another lovely picture of the lake when I was walking Little Prin on another day
...finally bought some tulips for myself - how Pinterest-y of me :P
...couldn't resist taking some photos of the bluebells in my garden - I absolutely love them!

...Little Prin's week was filled with bed snuggles and playing out in the sunshine! 

I hope you all had a fabulous week - as always I'd love it if you linked up via the widget & button below to share what you got up to this week!

 It'd absolutely make my day!