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MWIP: 67/102...

Hey everyone

This week was my last week I was feeling pretty snap happy so this MWIP is pretty picture heavy so let's go - this week I...

...had to rep my uni for my last ever taught session as an undergraduate *sob*
...finally found some polka dot trousers and I'm as obsessed as I thought I would be!
...ordered the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation as soon as it was available in the UK thanks to {QVC} - I love it!
...spent some time with the ponies - shame it was because I was re-fencing their field :(
...spent a whole lot of my week revising for my last set of undergraduate exams (in case you hadn't guessed, the fact that I'll be graduating me soon is really hitting me now!)
...felt very happy when I spied that the blossom was blooming - it's finally spring!
...did some re-organisation of my desk after being inspired by the {#showuswhereyouwork link up}
...went on a bit of a DVD shopping spree - I picked up Frozen (which I adore!), City of Bones (I'm obsessed with the book series so I wanted to see how the film lived up to my expectations) & The Muskateers (I loved this TV show - I'm trying to get the bf to start watching it!)
...found some super cute bits and bobs when I was in town - I'm a sucker for tumblers and cute stationery :P
...got overexcited when my McBusted tickets arrived!!!!

I also took quite a few pictures of food/drink this week, including... 
...fell in love with sea salt chocolate <3
...had my usual weekly Starbs -  venti mocha frap with 2 shots of vanilla - mmmmmm :)
...was treated to a lovely fillet steak dinner (made by the bf whilst I was catching up on my blog reads in bed - I'm just so darn lucky!) for the bf's & my 6 year anniversary! Love you lots bf <3
...found a stall that sold slush in my town - I'm obsessed with slush so this was an exciting revelation!
...realised that I have the best Ma when she brought me back these super cute marmite packets!
...had #brinner (breakfast for dinner) with the bf 
side note: I totally think that #brinner is an acceptable thing if #brunch is :P

Of course I took some pictures of Little Prin - isn't she so cute?! 

I hope you all had a fabulous week - as always I'd love it if you linked up via the widget & button below to share what you got up to this week!

 It'd absolutely make my day!